Diablo IV, a billiards-like twist will turn Burger King in Japan for a limited time and turns that one to a billiards-like queen

Did you dare to take a bite from the hell's queen?

Do you dare to talk to the queen of hell?

It’s not yet over until the four-day installment, which will be released on June 6th 2023 – fans will want to play the classic musical “Diablo”. For some, that date seems painfully long. However, Burger King Japan is here to help us with the wait, as he serves a delicious dessert called the Lilith Spicy Tomato Double Whopper with Cheese.

The new burger has been created by Activision Blizzard Japan. The maker of the video game series, is the third from its collaborative release; Lilith joined a few more hellish burgers currently on the menu.

According to reports, the recipe for the pizza Lilith is inspired by Lilith’s anger. It resulted in the exiled success of a blood ritual. The scene was formed of two beef pans grilled over an open flame, two slices of rich cheddar cheese, two slices of gouda and a chilli peppers and garlic-soulled tomato sauce. The less decadent side of the burger is lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles, sandwiched inside a toasted sesame seed bun.

You can buy a slice of Lilith’s anger for $1.420 yen (10.37 dollars), or as part of a piece of a set for $7.50 with fries and a drink, for $2.720.

The Butcher Double Meat Burger, which opened in November for the release of the Diablo Immortal Game in 2022, opened in June. This is a witty beast that’s made of large chicken breasts and spicy onion flakes.

On the menu, at a cost of 1.390 yen or in part of a standard price of 1.790 yen.

In September the Double Cheeseburger Diablo debuted as a celebration of Immortal in the city of November, before return to Burger King. This one contains sweet garlic flakes, a spicy sauce, and 4 slices of shredded cheddar cheese.

For two and eighty-thirty yen, worth four, four-leven-wheel-drive.

Customers who buy this burger will receive a Lilith sticker, to honor their taste buds’ journey into the bitterness of hell.

The Butcher Double Meat BBQ and Diablo Garlic Double Cheeseburger have been on the menu since the 18th November. The Lilith Spicy Tomato Double Whopper Cheese is coming in limited quantities from 16 December from The McDonald’s in the country.

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