Disney+ announced our plans for the new Witch Mountain series, What We Know

A pilot is set to be produced by the acclaimed Witch Mountain movie company Disney+. Variety has revealed that the upcoming show will follow two teenages that become envious to the weird and disinclined people and discover their sleepy suburb may not be as idyllic as it sounds. Bryce Dallas Howard is the pilot of the show, who is standing in the air.

At Disney+, a series pilot will be released in the studio.

Variety published that the show plot follows two teens who develop strange abilities and discover their sleepy suburb might not be as idyllic as it seems.

Bryce Dallas Howard, the pilot of the upcoming Jurassic World films, and the Help. She’ll star as Audrey, who is called Tias a loving mother. When her husband died, she tried to make sure that her dads had no dark spiral. It sounds like a warm mama bear, but as with everyone in this city, it doesn’t everything look like it is.

Isabel Gravitt from The Watcher is also introduced to the cast. Gravitt will play Tia a straight-A student who is considerate by her classmates perfect, though she is flawed. She’s terrified of failure and is plagued by nightmares and fears that her late fathers, hives, are beginning to be exhibiting their terrible experiences in her. Tia’s hallucinations make people stand out from their living bodies and resent their deepest fears, dreams and rage.

Levi Miller, previously known by Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time, will play Ben, a troubled teen, who makes ends meet with other students by writing papers, but he’s got trouble and angry, and then the hell be expelled if he slugs another student. Ben is best friends with Corey, who works at the restaurant. Hes recently discovered troubling things about himself, his ability to push others around the same distance to move according to his wants. There’s something drawing him inexplicably in the direction of Tia.

When Norwood, who’s known as a person of the past, is the name of their original work on weCrashed. They will play Bens friend, Corey. Corey is a very mature teen, who is a lot older than him. They’re unafraid of expulsion, but they take care of the fact that they seem like a My Chemical Romance song that became an anime fan. Corey works with Ben at the local restaurant; he works with the trust, but he tries not to become the protector.

Jackson Kelly plays Peter, Tia’s closest friend. She’s described Peter as a loving man about Tia, but she doesn’t understand his charms and doesn’t understand his devotion. When Tia is expressing her concern about the seemingly impossible happening around them, she learns that observant, cautious nature may be an asset to figuring out what their mystery is about them.

More information about the film and the cast is about to go ahead. Watch out for more news at Nerds and Beyond.