Earn free the Wolverine emote in the reboot campaign

Winter Festival Gifts (Yow Festival Gifts) They are not the only novelty at the end of the year for the Battle Royale of Epic Games. Currently started a new reboot campaign which rewards Fortnite for free like the Sonic Table glider and the Wolverine emote Snikt. Snikt! Until what date will the new campaign [] begin.

Winter Festival Gifts These are not the only novelty at the end of the year that is the battle royale of Epic Games. This year we started a new reboot campaign in which we can get free rewards for Fortnite such as the Sonic Table glider and the Wolverine emote Snikt.

What date does this new reboot have to be given up in Fortnite?

The campaign has already started and we can join, by picking up points on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 to 9 o’clock (Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador).

How does the campaign work?

It must be impossible to accomplish missions with people who haven’t played Fortnite in a long time or who are completely new to the game. To become considered a returning player, they must have played more than two hours of Fortnite within the 30 days before December 12, 2022.

On the “Friends” tab in the lobby sidebar you will find the menu Restart Campaign. We are going to see those new and returning friends whom you can help to form a group, to complete missions and achieve objectives. We should form a group with one or more of these friends, so that they can make the following missions.

  • Restart your friends from their profile or from the Reboot Campaign event panel.
  • Earn experience with a friend that meets the conditions of Battle Royale, Zero Construction, etc. Reward: 5 points per phase.

Return your campaigns to Fortnite.

  • 50 points: warm reboot smiley!
  • 100 points: paper sonic focus.
  • 150 points: glider sonic table.
  • 250 points, gesto a Wolverine and a Fortnite Sob!

Fuente: The Epic Games.