Final Fantasy: Before entering FF16, an unexpected surprise could be announced and delight fans!

Fantasy: Before diving into FF16, a big surprise could be announced and delight fans. From the 12/12/1922, 9 o'clock to the game's presentation, the Final Fantasy license will never be the same as FF16, already reflected the overblown expectations of fans and [] the [official] release of the screen.

Final Fantasy: Until I enter the FF16 stage, a big surprise could be announced and delight the fans.

Published on 12/12/2022 at 9 h 16.

During the Game Awards ceremony we realized that the Final Fantasy license will never be the same as the FF16 release, clearly displaying the above-used expectations of fans and players who love Action RPGs. But even as we pass the 35th anniversary of the cult franchise, there’s a clue for a big and nostalgic fan of Japanese RPGs.


  • Final Fantasy XVI is a new wind for PS4 licensing.
  • Classics are now available on PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

Final Fantasy XVI is a new wind for a license for PS5.

After months and months of waiting and seeing more eagerly, Final Fantasy XVI has finally unveiled its release date for all to see. The long-awaited title, led by Naoki Yoshida, thus caused a stir with the presentation of the Game Awards, and that isn’t the first time that it did that provoke such reaction. The sixteenth installment in the franchise made our jaws drop at each of its presentations. And I think this title is going to continue to be a part of the current trend. We don’t know when we will have the privilege of learning some more about this work. But if we need Final Fantasy, Square Enix may have the solution to our problems.

Now, the beginning of tomorrow, Square Enix will be bringing back one of the classics of the license and the earliest link of the universe in its understanding. With regards to naming the release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion across a wide range of media. Despite the fact that we would like the grand anniversary of 35 years before the sagas begin, there might be no announcements going to be working out behind the scenes. And one of them will likely smile when they’re dying to get closer to the utmost details of the license history!

Classics remastered on Xbox One, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

As mentioned earlier, there seems to be some announcements in the beginning of the Final Fantasy franchise. Until, to bring some further laughter to the story, the Japanese publisher gave us a remark of the alter version a few days before Final Fantasy VII anniversary, namely the episode titled Ever Crisis. However, it’s not everything that revolves around the iconic episode, but it’s a good thing, because Square Enix wouldn’t have focused on that one. The Japanese publisher released the Pixel Remaster series, which is updating the first six numbered episodes. And that are the six that caught us in the eye today.

The Reddit users said that they did not believe the versions XPX and XPX will be discontinued from mobile and PC gamers. If the games are available on carriers now, it would be possible to keep on the games in the past, according to the mentions discovered in the documents of the classification organization ESRB. These are with Nintendo switch and PS4 now which could mean Square Enix has answered fans prayers and that they ported these games simultaneously to Sonys and Nintendos portable. We have to wait for the official release of the publisher, but we are expecting to be able to play it even as soon as possible thanks to Switch!

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