Fire Emblem Engages The Binding Blade Protagonist, Your Boy, Roy introduces the Addictment Killer – Your Boy

The officialJapaneseFire EmblemTwitter account introduced new characters for the recently announcedFire Emblem Engage, and shared new gameplay clips. Today, the emblem iteration of Roy was introduced.

  • Framme, Klan & Vander Introductions
  • Alfred, Celine and Marth.
  • Louis & Chloe introduces.
  • New Characters, Four Heads and Firene Kingdom; Story Trailer Screenshots.
  • Lumiere & Veyre Introductions.
  • Brodia, Diamant and Cryst Introductions.
  • New Gameplay Trailer & Character Portraits.
  • New Gameplay Scenario.
  • There were 36 shillings, and 24 was8.
  • Seem and Timerra Introductions
  • Gradlon, Zephia, & Marni Introductions.
  • Griss, Mauvier & Yunaka Introductions.
  • I’m with hippo, of course.
  • Expansion Pass Announcement + New Character Portraits.
  • Hub Activities and amp; Amiibo Support.
  • Info Roundup.

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Roy is a man who was originally the author of The Binding Blade. He’s a brave and intelligent prince. As an Emblem, his defense and defense are balanced in front of the enemy. His Syncro Skill activates passively, allowing him to survive a fatal blow if his health was at least 30 % full beforehand.

Even though like Corrin, his Engage Weapons give the same direction as its rivals. Next, his “Interface Skills” augments his stats temporarily by increasing his level. His attack against enemy a horizontal maneuver covering three tiles containing a barrier of fire preventing the enemy’s approach. Those of the Dragon Battle style can benefit from a three-tile increase, which also made six tiles.

Roy received an email message and a tweet thread detailing his capabilities. Below this post can be seen.

(@FireEmblemJP) December 12-2522

(@FemJP) December 12, 2022.

Fire Emblem Engageis is going to release on Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

This game follows the new protagonist, Alear after the mother of the new protagonist, Lumiere, seems to perish and imparts their mission, utilizing special rings to bring peace to the world.

These rings are summoning notable heroes from otherFire Emblemtitles, such as Lyn, Corrin, Marth and Byleth. The newEngage character sets the bases for potential growth, so they don’t have to pay attention to apparent physics and technological advancements.

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The title sold more than 1 million units in the United States recently.