Five a day long films to cheese down a night

With the weekdays starting, here's a list of cheerful, meaningful short films that you can make your Monday motivation.

That is Monday the most hated day. It was a World Record for the day at the worst. But when is he concerned that she’s considered the worst, but where does she lie? Each week begins. So, if you like to make up for Monday, I will start learning from each other, but again, I know it will flip. He is thankful, from a song to the movie he has to escape.

I will give you the best short films that will cheer you up as soon as you digest the weeks of complication. Did we come to terms with pain or gain? Okay, in my philosophy. Let’s dive in the list.

Monday Motivation Short Films to Stream.


I recently saw this short film, and it made me smile, right? It runs about 4 to 5 minutes, but is conveyed by a happy message a deeply relevant way. When life becomes dark, one must look at what they’ve been blessed with rather than what they have never had. Monday is a wonderful short film to remind us of our privileges and to stop screaming.

To be honest, this short film makes no sense, literally, but there are many positive messages to lose. It perfectly educates you how to learn the trick, when life gives you lemons, to get to know the answer. In addition to this short film, it’s five minutes old and teaches me how beautifully my boy feels when I first ever sleep. As I told you, this short film has many meanings. So, take a look!

I was curious how someone could communicate a meaningful message quickly in less than three minutes. Since we all will have an elevator at the end of our lives, we should know that the strangers around us can be either our saviours or destroyers. Whatever they are, you’ll be confronted by the consequences of judgment. Watch The Elevator and calm your Monday vibes. Begin with an elevator challenge if you can utilize that every day in your office.

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Another 3-minute short film that will bring reality to our mind. A cute bread is intended to avoid its reality, but its purpose is unknown. Our own mission is our best because we’re afraid of people – and don’t know that we have to work for what we have born with. The Bread is a very short film to start your Monday so that you can complete your tasks well.

When you have a goal and work towards it, the success will be fast. The film The Aim is a beautiful and motivating short film that shines light on several relative factors. The short film is a great success for students who are already in the habit of attending school or university courses. I certainly believe this short film really works for Monday motivation because it reminds us of our duties.


When I first saw that short movie, I was surprised to find out how a 10-minute film without dialogue can convey such a profound meaning. We often take many things in our lives for granted, and don’t recognize how we can use them to benefit ourselves and others. Zero is a short film that shows how you are energized, you will help cheer, and you will motivate you to ‘fever start your week efficiently’.

The acheive.

Life can be hard, especially on Monday. We tend to like to follow the same old routine for the whole week. But remember that this kind of sad time is being transformed into cheerful!

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