Google released a musical game that doesn’t need to download. Can you follow that?

Google plugged into a file in search of free, fun and no-download games. What do you think of entertainment as it hit the button? Google Arts andamp; Cultures new musical challenge unites Beethoven and the mythical Android Emojis, the Blobs. The result is crazy. In Google Play it [shere].

Google seems to have put up some code in line, joking the Internet with free, fun, no-download games. What do you want from the noise of a button? A new musical challenge for Google Arts andamp; Cultures unites Beethoven with the mythical Android Emojis, Blobs. There’s a crazy result.

In Google Play, there are millions of games that may be downloaded, some of which are high quality. While you may not want a new app to fill up your Android space, you add it and don’t find it interesting to keep space. For the better, the best, but in the best interest of the world, is Google offering the perfect entertainment to play with. To solve this dispute, Google gives you little, as far as you could spend your time without complications.

Blob Beats is a musical music duel for slow fingers.

The Blobs examine Beethoven’s notes.

Google’s latest edition of the browser games is available in its art and culture section, called Google Arts and Culture. To celebrate the 252 years from Beethoven’s birth, the music of the brilliant composer has united him with his legends. The result is an exceptionally great touchscreen DDR.

In Xataka, Android has it.

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The idea is simple: you have three different colored balls, one for each finger. Listening to the music, the notes will fall in order. Yes, you need to click on each Blob to take these notes right away. With this you will increase the score obtained. The classical Beethoven melodies have a rhythm that is easily visible.

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Blob Beats, Google’s new creation name, contains five classic songs of 3 lb. The game is both used for the computer and touchscreen, but the controls are more comfortable with the smartphone. The shape of the design in 8 bits is easy to follow, the Blobs give an appreciation to the game, and all the songs are easily recognizable. Playing a single game is impossible.

The new music game is available from this Google-Korpse link and appears in the Android app, too. This movie is worth more than 10 o’clock. And besides, you’ll get a picture of Beethoven.

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Google releases a very powerful musical game without a download. Can you follow the game?

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