Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift: 10 games of music that make her unique, will be reunited with her

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift! Let's celebrate Midnight stars day by watching her praise-worthy music videos we couldn't stop watching.

Swifties already know that Taylor Swift isn’t just a singer, it’s also a storyteller, and her expression is clearly shown in her music video storylines. The multitalented artist celebrates her birthday today, i.e. on December 13, we hope to extol her name and distinct identity in the music space.

Even though it’s almost impossible to select the picks we pick from Swifts grand discography, a list of our favourites is available now. Even though this is filled with many glimmering gems we can’t do without, we chose 9 music videos that have their own fanbases and establish untouchable glory for the singer-songwriters.

Her films are different, and she’s most famously recognized with prestigious accolades, making her the only solo artist with two best direction awards for All Too Well: the Short Film and The Man.

We love original Taylor Swift music songs, and a very impressive and vibrant video of a very successful Taylor Swift.

You should be careful not to halt your poop.

This video was co-directed by Swift alongside Drew Kirsch and penned a strangely beautiful depiction of pride. Explosive cameos from Haley Kiyoko, Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, Ryan Reynolds, Ellen DeGenres, RuPaul, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (and many more cameos) will join the team, too.

In the first half, we see Taylor dressed like a french-fries mascot who finds consolation when she locates Perry with a huge burger costume – the same one she saw at a disastrous party. Both of us were coming together in order to form a Happy Meal, finally settling their feud. The chaotic counterpart of the Swift universe bubbls with a large number of references and parallels that eventually were seen by the fans. Moreover, it followed also the message of a petition to support the Equality Act of the Senate.

By dressing up in a dress so you can only tell that your hair and body is actually a piece of her own, she portrays a masculine dominant workplace, which is driven by a mansplaining, sinister-thousand glitzier, individual leading in the worst manner, Mr. Americana Tyler Swift, voiced by The Rock, Dwayne Johnson.

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Are you prepared for it?

The video is powered by Joseph Kahn. The classic version of the famous modern style is based on a dual Swift, one a humanoid cyborg and one a dark-hooded robot who face each other from the edge of an imaginable reincarnation. The MV plant several Easter eggs, and always get the fan looking at theories.

Look what You’ve done for me.

Nobody knows better about all the efforts necessary to build your reputation than Swift. Look What You Did What You Did From her album Reputation doesn’t require any ensemble cast of cameos to win our hearts, it just needs Taylor Swift. Her various beliefs, since the beginning of the Swift film universe, reunite to help make the decision to go and compete.

It’s impossible for people to try and even confuse themselves with the queen, but no one can do it without her own imagination.

Don’t have bad blood.

Swift, as well as one killer queen, became a big brother. The squad stars with Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Hailee Steinfeld, Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, Mariska Hargitay, Mary Hunt, Jessica Alba, Serayah, Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, Hayley Williams and Lily Aldridge, obviously.

In the action-packed video, the sky is tingling our screens with its high quotient of star presence therein, but literally as we approach the end.

You’re connected to me.

After all the gossip and everything, Fearless Taylor took off from the prom and continued the teenage makeover, with her double role in her double role in an attempt to become a Montanas guy. The blonde Taylor who spoke two glasses on the bleachers was fighting with her evil brunette twin cheer captain. Even though the double role is so evident, once again we got to look twice to discover both of the girls were actually Taylor herself.

Anti-Hero movement.

Once again, sally written, and directed by Swift, Anti-Hero plays a double role, with the more outgoing version turning up on her doorstep to teach her the way of the world. But wait, there’s more. Another tall-sized Taylor from Alice and Wonderland-verse cannot meet them yet. And the insidious funeral scene where her kids lay at each other’s throats and pinning the blame for her death on each other. The family drama gets good at the movie.


In her own modern Cinderella story, with Laura Dern as his evil stepmother, the House Wench Taylor entrusted in the prince but preserved the castle. The dazzling video, again, has heaps of Easter eggs referring to Speak Now and others like Exile. She once again, has feuded with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, a massive representation in You Want To Say What You Did! She could be complete without support from his producer friend, Jack Antonoffs, and as a royalty-like player, as well as other cameos in the video.

The short film has the perfect picture.

The Snow on the Beach singer is an unknown. She is known for her short appearances in The Giver, Valentine’s Day and Amsterdam, and even Cats. She’s not the only one who is truly interested in acting yet but is also capable of taking on her role, and as a writer and star.

It was a critical point for the artists’ long-running discussion. Keeping that aside, it welcomed well-known actors such as Dylan OBrien and Sadie Sink into the couple who worked through the dystopia of their relationship, which were in the lyrics too, too. The MV nearly 15 minutes long, features Swift as an older version of the character that is depicted by Sink.

Even if the singer directing and writing the story for her video was not enough, this acting combination of the blazing trio leading made it an all-time hit.

Her latest, tenth studio album Midnights became the basis of Swift’s most recent endeavor. Listen to the album on Spotify. Shell will soon make her directorial debut for Searchlight Pictures.

Happy birthday, Taylor Swift!

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