Harry & Meghan get the Crown on their rating,but is it really a Smoking Gun?

While Harry and Meghan have beaten the Crown in viewing numbers, how does that make appealing to the masses?

According to the figures for the intimate docuseries of Prince Harry and Meghan Markles, 2,4 million people tuned in to Netflix to watch the first three parts of the show, Harry & Meghan, on the day of their release, Digital Spy reported.

This means that couples documentary more than doubled the amount of viewers who watched The Crown, a Netflix show which follows an imaginary story of life in the royal family. The TV show showed nearly one million viewers on November 9th.

It looks somewhat reductive to compare to that: maybe people were just more keen to watch the movie than to watch the drama. The Crown is just on its fifth season. It seems obvious that the interest in the show is waning, or people didn’t want all the ten episodes immediately. Three episodes of Harry & Meghan, comparatively, is achievable.

Plus, a massive build-up for Harry & Meghan was incontestable. People were dying to know the full truth, which they promised to reveal, even when Oprah got involved in the internet. While I devoured the first three episodes myself, I went to the theatre desperately trying to find some sort of disappointment.

Where was the gossip? Where did the names be naming? I wanted dirt, but after doing that, one of those young people grew into love in front of judging critics.

I felt guilty after telling me what the show was about. Harry and Meghan promised to tell their story, and while it was full of gossip columns and so-called scandals, one and the other men still live together, in love and formed a family.

Even though I might have been struck by Meghans apparent naivety (though I can’t tell if the colour of my British interest was actually shown in the curtsy scene), I found them extremely likable. I have had some very bad feelings about the royal family, so as to get to the US a lot of attention after moving away from the United States.

For me, this docuseries makes me happy for the decision of their parents to quit the royal family. I’m surprised only by the fact that the vitriolic and racist reporting wasn’t limited to British tabloids, but followed them to the USA – eu o e e t l ra the mass media broadcasts a lot.

The next half of the series (the three series) starts on Thursday, with the first two ending on the day of their wedding. While the next installment may contain the gossip people clamoring for, Im not expecting it anymore. I wish I could sit back and listen to the story that Harry and Meghan want to tell us. I hope the world’s time to listen for now.

(The featured image is Dan Istitene Pool/Getty Images)