HP Portable Memory Sticks (HTX) Confirm Nvidia 4090 is Going Mobile

Immediately preceding the launch of the Desktop Nvidia RTX 4090, many reports reported that the development of a laptop variant was already underway. Now, though that was clearly not entirely unusual, the year the forty90 finally dropped and we saw just how bloody it was, this [] [eight] was pretty big.

Within the morning leading up to the launch of the desktop Nvidia RTX 4090, there were rumours on the internet suggesting that the development of a laptop variant was already underway. Since this was clearly not entirely unusual, the 4090 finally dropped and we saw how bloody it was, it did not clear how this could ever be broken down by a laptop. Well, a laptop that didn’t weigh roughly 10 kg needs a suitcase rather than a canvas bag to carry at least. That led to speculation that, ultimately, Nvidia would possibly have to leave its highest-end mobile SKUs to a 4080.

After posting pictures by Twitter source @momo_us, it seems that HP is planning on getting new Omen-made laptops that will use an Nvidia 4090M. Sure, the 4090 is going mobile.

188 (@momoo_us) December 11, 2022 2022

One hundred-six million phones in the world? Powerful, but really powerful?

The best part of the information is that the 4090 mobile (laptop) variant will only have 16GB of VRAM instead of 24GB seen in the main desktop. In fact, we already confirm that the memory has to be compromised for this laptop. However, this does indeed open the question about what else will get restrained in order to survive in mobile terms.

That wouldn’t surprise anyone, but the 4090M will definitely be massively weaker than its desktop counterpart. The problem is totally simple and predictable. In spite of the typical absence of comparable performance typically around the 30 % mark, it has already led to speculation that Nvidia can have to half the standard of the 4090 so it could work in a laptop guise. It will certainly not be without a doubt still make it unbelievable and an excellent gaming mobile GPU.

Even so, I think the people aren’t interested in discovering how Nvidia would achieve this. We will definitely keep an eye on it!

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