I’m sure they’re looking back at Tim and Lucy over the years

The biggest television show ever has finally become a new mom. After more than four seasons, The Rookies Tim Bradford asked Lucy Chen to go to a date and to celebrate, we will look at their relationship. The first time the two met in the first place when Lucy was assigned to [] the [[decor] group.

One of the most anticipated couples on TV has finally made a step towards being together. After over four seasons The Rookies Tim Bradford asked Lucy Chen for a date and we will look back at their relationship over the season.

The pair first met when Tim assigned Lucy to be training. Tim’s hard exterior and extreme teaching tactics make them difficult. During their first job, they are taken into the actual problems of Tim’s personal life. His wife, who was a policeman, was too caught as she worked undercover on a narcotics case, and left for the show after being missing for a year. Tim is shocked to see her and lets her go. After Lucy’s first shift, she is shot, and she and Tim are caught in an off shoot. Lucy must pull him out of the ground, and Tim’s fine.

Your pain is in my right arm, dearest.

Lucy to Tim.

Tim helped a guy infected with a deadly virus while season finale. When Tim realizes that, he locks Lucy out of the room before he’s exposed to the matter and tries to help him. Lucy is hard to get to him and to get a vaccine to give to him. But that is all she can do, but she’s only waiting. After Tim, telling the man in the room with him die of the virus, and sitting behind the door, listening to the talk. She likes to reassure him, and he tells Lucy that she wants to die and go out so. All she can do is hide the fact she’s crying after saying it. A bit later they get him out, but he collapses when he is outside. She’s still good.

Other moments in Season One are the same as the beginning.


Between the two seasons, a couple of things happened throughout season one. One major is the continuation of Tims wife, Isabel, in their lives. She’s under trouble and Lucy continues to support Tim. After all, Isabel has finished going to rehab, and she and Tim are splitting up.

Tim and Lucy prank each other in season 1; while Lucy jokingly stole Tims wallet when they are all out.

Another is at work. Lucy is accidentally stabbed with a dirty needle. They get her to the hospital where the fearful Tim demands her immediate care. All goes well.

Lastly, after responding to a call in a paintball range, Tim and Lucy finish their work by stopping by and enjoying themselves.

The audiobook of Lucy Chen is the ear of some audiobooks.

While preparing to take his Sergeants exam, Tim was given a really old book that he pushed back on reading. He tries to get Lucy to read it to him in the store, but it isn’t ideal. After having watched how he reacted and talked to Isabel, Lucy realizes that he can learn by reading and still listen to the book. She makes sure to tell him that she is a cop and understands what she does.

Day of Death, Day of Death.

Lucy was chatting with a guy at the bar after trying to get out of the cafe. Tim put on her right hand. Nolan and Jackson think they can’t answer their phone because they aren’t listening and coming home. They attract Nyla, Tim, and Greys attention. And they all look at what Caleb got her attention with. After reading it, they found the pieces together and found out that Caleb was working with a serial killer named Rosalind.

The search for Lucy starts with a focus on Tim’s work. He tells Angela that he feels guilty because he pushed Lucy out of the house with Caleb. Tim is unsure about a person who is a person, but says that he’s responsible for Lucys life, so he’ll get the answers he needs.

Lucy is kept inside by Caleb and is buried beneath. He pulls a ring before his tomb and attempts to linger. They find a lead, and to find her place, but could not find the barrel until Tim found the ring. He steps into digging her up and pulling her out. After Tim breathes well and CPR, Lucy is okay. Tim is holding her until she’s back to breathing. Later, when she wakes up in the hospital, Tim is at the bedside with his favorite meal.

After all, she struggles in general. That annoys Tim to return, and let him get to Nyla with her because he thinks that’s the best thing for her. They remove it but not because when Lucy was taken, she was tattooed with the date of her death on her ribs. She is planning on getting it removed, but Tim talks about it with her and also opens up about his physical and emotional scars. When she pushes back, she tells her that she can rid her of something or she can see it as proof that she’s a survivor. He once again tells her. Lucy didn’t end up getting rid of her tattoo.

You’ve helped me.

Lucy to Tim.

Other moments in the second season will come in time.


Season 2 was a great season for Tim and Lucy. Others that happen: Lucy loses consciousness in a dog but it doesn’t work out and Tim adopting him instead, and Tim leaving a swiss station to drop because he doesn’t teach Lucy.

Tim and Lucy are involved in an accident while they are on patrol. When Tim is beating himself over it, Lucy decides to look deeper into it and learns how the people they hit deliberately became victims of a car accident.

Lucy went undercover. Vol. I

Lucy begins to learn undercover work in season 3. She is forced to take care of an accident, and Tim makes clear that he isn’t okay with it. Lucy tells Nyla that she thought Tim would at least be proud of her. Tim watches every time he takes part, and reacts as a backup when needed. Nyla is doing the job with her and after that they finished the drug trade they have to make, the LAPD swoops in and arrests them and all other people involved. Tim is a man who arrested him and tells him he did well by lying and placing him in his shop.

Lucy is pulled back into a new operation at the end of the season. Tim does work as an assistant. He talks his fellow men out of shooting Tim and Jackson, and says that he can flirt with him. She tells Tim, and he’s playing while letting him go. She doesn’t check into the evening, and Nyla informs Tim about it. They know that she used to make drugs for those she was considering. Tim is devoted to Lucy and has made it clear he’s to Nyla. She insists Lucys got this which is part of what Tim is worried about. He knows shell do what she has to do. They find out where she’s at. She can’t let drugs go while being put on the streets. Then, they start to investigate; they know the shell die fight to keep them contained. It seems that she’s finally able to find him before that happens. Tim applauds her work at Angelas last minute wedding later.

Give me a dance.

Tim to Lucy is at the Angelas wedding.

Lucys Last Wife is this, the last shuff of the land!

Lucys last shift comes as a rookie. She insists that she and Tim must complete the checklist of things so that it is easier to transition from being a mentor and a mentor to the mentee. Tim rests until he feels a deep shift and let it distract him.

He raises up doing a secret job again, and Tim asks if she’s serious and emotionally capable of doing this kind of work because she’s sensitive. He doesn’t think she’s capable of lying to someones face and befriending people only stab them in the back. He turns it around on him and professes his love for him, but it never starts to joking and admits she’s proving herself able to do that.

After leaving the work, they finish the checklist, and Lucy sends a thank you to Tim. He opens the gift that ends up being a prank and is covered in powder. She tells her it’s been a blast. Tim calls herself a first name and instead of banning her or Chen before she goes home.

There are other moments in the season three.

The couple had more important moments in Season 3 than any other. Lucy adopted a kid who stole her car called Tamara. The two have a slow start, but Lucy takes her under her wing, and Tim does it some better, as long as time is when time is tight.

De plus, because Lucy isn’t a rookie, Tim gets a new student. Since her past experiences and needing a change of pace, Lucy sees he’s more gentle with her than the cruel beginning she got and is upset but learns later that Tim took a different teaching approach.

ABC and Raymond Liu.

Tom’s sister is in the town because she wants to repair her childhood home so she can sell her dad. Lucy and Genny gang on Tim and get him to let Genny ride on them for the day. He pushes him to talk about the house while they do, and then fights, leaving nothing to do with that. When it comes to the house, Tim talks about how terrible they were in their childhood. During one of the stories, Lucy unconsciously compares that she hated Tims to Tests as a rookie. After a little while he goes to work on the house, and Lucy helps the pair with the caves. I was working on that project because it was a gun hidden underneath the walls. Tim insists they look into it and finds it used in the murder of their neighbor.

It is obvious for him that his father did it because he had an affair with the wife Monica of his father. Lucy doesn’t allow Tim to interrogate Monica, but he continues to meet them in the room after hearing the interrogation and speaks to them. The following week, Tim visits his dad for the most part, and his dad confesses that he committed a crime. When he comes back to the station in the evening, Lucy tells him she talked to Monica again and he has full story. Monica killed her husband for a man who was abusive to Monica and went to Tims father to help cover up her affair.

Tim goes back to talk to his dad and says he knows the truth. When Tim’s dad insists on how abusive her husband is, why, for example, his dad also abuses her because he is not married anymore? Eventually, Tim is leaving, and Lucy waits outside for him. He’s talking to her about how his dad was protecting the woman with whom he was having an affair, but she wouldn’t protect his actual family. She tearfully says to her that the Tim Tests don’t make her anything like her father, so she quickly agrees before hugging her.

A day with each other.

During season 4, Tim starts to flirt with a woman named Ashley. When Ashley end up with four tickets to a fancy dinner at a place Tim knows that Lucy really wants to go, he insists they bring her. Chris, a lawyer that works at the local district office lately, gets to go as a date for Lucy. When you eat dinner, Tim and Lucy spend the whole night talking to each other more than their dates, and repeated incidents show how much they know each other better than their acquaintances.

When they were working on a case, they discovered that their suspect in a big drug operation looks like a tatted-up Tim. He is investigating the case and has to get into a second operation. Sadly, he is on the verge of finding a girlfriend who is chasing her. When they find him, it looks as though she’s just like Lucy. Both of them agree to go undercover for a whole hour. Before they went undercover, they put a backstory in the backstory. Seeing the details working out, Tim says it’s really scary, that they should often call them the PDA and sell the couple.

After some uneasy walks, he kisses Lucy; but her soft peck frustrates her. She pulls him into a deep kiss that’s at the edge of a pretend work kiss, but Tamara walks through and interrupts it. Tim leaves and is seen frozen outside trying to process what’s happening.

She is big, gruff, barky, but not a sweet woman.

Lucy talked to Tim about his relationship with her son.

Other moments in Season Four are the highlights.

ABC/Raymond Liu/D.

The couple of years ago died of the death of Jackson at season 4 but now Tim insists she’s coming and staying with him. While he’s there, she comforts him, and they have a little chance of a moment where it looks like it may go further. But nothing happens again.

When Tim is starting to become more involved in the work, Grey suggests that he can get help from him. Lucy is upset that he does not take her at first, but he ends up caving. He tells her that he didn’t like her because he didn’t want to hold her back. Later in the season, Lucy gets upset that due to the arrangement, she doesn’t get any credit for the cases they work. He asks her to dance with him at Nylas wedding, and while the pair slow dance, he tells her that she would go to be the chief officer on all the cases that they are working on.

Finally, when Lucy argues that Tim and Ashley plan for an end to the holiday means that Ashley is not expecting him to propose, he obligates Ashley to get a deal to play with a fake proposal to mess with Lucy. As she watches before Tim says it was fake, she seems upset with the proposal.

Raymond Liu/ACP, Ltd.

In the end of season 4, Tim and Lucy actually go undercover during the fifth season. They play up being a couple in the face of flying to Las Vegas with the criminals they pretend to work with for the operation. She learned that Rosalind escaped custody while they were driving, and that Tim had a problem with Lucy. They pretend to come to the bathroom to catch her and talk to her so she can see him. She insists that she’s okay to continue operation, and kisses her before they leave the bathroom so they don’t seem to be getting into the habit.

While in their hotel room, Tim asks Lucy if the fact that playing a couple doesn’t look like pretending for her, too. He says that the nature of being close makes him feel that way. After the operation closes, Tim walks to Lucy’s apartment. As soon as I am going to go in, I think that they’re technically still undercover because they haven’t been debriefed and then invites Tim to join her. He reluctantly go in. Lucy realizes her boyfriend’s on the couch, before anything happens. She goes talk to him and sees that his wrists are slit and he’s bleeding out.

It turns out Rosalind went after him because Lucy didn’t go to her trial and testified about getting to Rosalinds order. After Chris was home and okay, Lucy began to get to school in search of an undercover job. She is discussing, and Tim stops by and talks with her about it. The conversation drifts to their relationship, and Lucy brings up what they almost did after the operation, but Tim reminds her they didn’t do anything, though. He backs and pushes him to get to the training. Lucy is interested in letting her die and ending up going after she told her she should go on.

A bad return and a failure.

Tim sain’t in the office but doesn’t have to get to the hospital. Lucy comes back to check in while Ashley is at his bedside. They learn that the issue is when Tim got shot on Lucy’s first day, they couldn’t remove the bullet completely and it eventually migrated to the point where they hurt him, and they need to remove it.

Tim eventually fights off a suspect at the hospital, but he’s supposed to be still resting and hurt himself even further. They rush him to surgery, and he asks Grey not to tell Lucy about it. She finds the truth after her shift and rushes into the hospital to see him. Shortly before she went to work, Ashley put the anxiety on Tim while he was working. Despite working a long and stressful shift, Lucy sits at the end of the night with Tim and talks to him.

If we do it, then we can’t work and the love of a friend.

Lucy gave Tim a hug.

When Chris is looking at the idea for a house with Lucy, he comes up with an idea. She tries to avoid it, but never cant. Tim asks why she won’t just tell him she doesn’t want to. Lucy’s response is not what reason she doesn’t like it. All the time, Tim has become a constant user and, once that ends, he asks her why she sticks to this safe relationship if she doesn’t want it. He says that a relationship between them is too risky and he suggests it’s worth the risk. He is going to wait till she is upset, and at first she accepts a response, and later she tries to call for him once again.

In the following episode Lucy says that she’ll learn to break up with Chris. She finally caves and does that. Afterwards, she returns to the station for a visit. She tells him she did it and asks her to get in touch with him. She says yes.

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