I wonder how this is happening. Kit Harrington on Game of Thrones Jon Snow Spin-off Series, a Live Out Life of God In the Fall of All of The Trauma

Kit Harrington finally revealed a little insight into Jon Snow spin-off series eagerly anticipated.

Fans of the iconic film got excited about what they can expect in the Jon Snow Sequel. At the game of Thrones convention in LA, Kit Harington came in, where he was always asked about the Jon Snow sequel. Harington didn’t know how to start the show, but speaking about how Jon Snow ended, and what could happen to him after his character killed Daenerys, reports Deadline.

I think if you asked him, he would feel he got off lightly, said Harington during the panel at the convention on Sunday night, according to Entertainment Weekly. When we look after him on the porch of the house, he says he’s looking forward to being beheaded and he wants to be. She was doing it. He goes to the wall to give and curse the world’s greatest gift.

Harington continued, As soon as you get up with all this history, live out your life, and have his life gone, and talk about the death of Dany, and live out his life, and think about how he hung the mound and play it, and live out his life, think about all of this trauma and that, is interesting.

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Without talking about the Jon Snow spin-off directly, Harington emphasized how his character was at the end of Game of Thrones and teased the spin-off series. So, wherever we leave her at the end of the show, there is always the feeling of just like this, that we have some little smile that looks like things were OK. He didn’t worry, he added.

Earlier this year George R. Martin revealed that he was Harington the one who came up with the idea that she would continue Snows storyline in a new series. Yes, Kit Harrington (sic) came to us to submit a case, and wrote in his blog back in June this year. The writers/showrunners are names of me because that hasn’t yet been cleared for release but Kit also brought them into his own team. They are great.

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