If you are sending a note on WhatsApp, it’s fine. But Google Keep offers you many options

As soon as we announce, it seems that it is more prevalent, but that can only be found in WhatsApp. The application itself has many uses besides a computer, is it used like a computer. I don't like the Clear limitations.

The recent official arrival of emails to someone on WhatsApp confirms a certain tendency to use the application as a notepad. it is a different kind of app and as a notepad. This is an app that we use everyday, and has a very good interface. So it makes it much easier to become a notepad without really being.

We can, however, not ignore the Clear Limits of WhatsApp (except a Google Keep). And yes, there are other mobile note apps it loses with, too. Unfortunately, Google is among the best in Android, because it has different aspects in mind.

Google Keep is cross-platform. WhatsApp is on the way.

If there is a definitive blow that Google Keep should set when it is at WhatsApp, its this one. We can find WhatsApp web and application for Windows and Mac, but although the announcement was announced recently, there are still many limitations in the application.

Google Keep can easily be used any time, without limitations. On computers, he can easily access the internet, but identical functions and full synchronization are achieved. It is already on tablets and mobiles and has an app on iOS and Android. And that last point is surprising, as is it that you can have two mobiles with different systems and even use them in a single way, so WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to use one mobile for use.

A connection may be less known, but it is more complete.

One of the reasons we think WhatsApp is good for archiving our notes is its application which we have known for many years and that we can handle almost with our eyes closed. However, Google Keep has a lot more centralized resources for notes as its only goal is to do it.

Firstly, you can see all your notes in the same view as the same panel. In WhatsApp you can create different groups where you’re alone and used for different topics, but even when people are in mixed rooms and other people are talking about themselves.

And you end up taking responsibility for the organization. One may need some notes for different topics. Or hundreds of notes that need to be organized according to their title to understand them easily. Fill WhatsApp with individual chats or merge everything together. It’s not so comfortable and especially since your notes are not included, I would like to discuss this with friends and family.

The possibility of creating tags This is also a great motivation for Google Keep when it comes to organizing your business, and it will serve to improve your search engine. So you can create a different label to distinguish personal annotations, shared with other people, work, school etc.

The notes themselves are much richer in Keep a Watch.

I guess with the above mentioned organization and even the beacon integration. In Google Keep, you can find Notes. No more and no less. WhatsApp remains a messaging app. Although it can share pictures, sound and other music, it does look pretty impressive.

Google Keep isn’t exactly perfect and has some shortcomings like the fact that it can’t add text formats for now, but he’s shining in everything else. In other words, it’s a clever gesture: when you are able to create two types of notes. With texts, or with the list that cross out items, you are a good task manager.

Then the notes can be customized with different colors or backgrounds. And yes WhatsApp lets you change the background of every chat. A cool thing about Google Keep is that it lets you see that background from the main panel so its no longer only an element that can take your notes more beautiful, but also an important characteristic to find these notes faster.

The possibility could also be added to this list of photos, voice recordings and drawings. And the fact that this is the most important factor is WhatsApp. When you need it, you can create signatures, sketches and other items you need at all.

Not least remarkable is whatsapp says that it does not have the option of calling back. A Google Keep note can be served as a notice at any time, or at any time set a date and time to notify us, but also a location. If you make a return to work, or when you leave home.

Other incentives to favor Google Keep are added.

synchronized notes The importance of this is important especially if you don’t go to it regularly. If it fails and you forget, you’ll lose all of your data. In Google Keep, it will never happen.

Another important piece is privacy. Although we can hide the fact that we’re online, we could not be interested. It can be a problem to enter the application just to write a note, but anyone who wrote to you can locate the person who is online and angry when they see you doesn’t respond.

One other thing to consider, and which goes towards the organization of the notes we evoked earlier, is that you can have different accounts. In WhatsApp, you can form different chats like we said before, but eventually all that it took to the same interface. You will need another number and another mobile to manage two accounts. However, with the app Google Keep you can switch between these multiple Google accounts.

A short sanity, in order to be able to give their application a chance. As far as we get older, the more you use a dedicated note manager, the more you require then. Even in WhatsApp, it is always useful, but it’s very limited, as it is, despite its shortcomings, and its lack of a dedicated interface.

Google Keep: Notes and lists.

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  • Google Keep is inter-platform. WhatsApp is on the way.
  • Is this interface more comprehensive?
  • Keep keeps notes very richer.
  • Other incentives favor the use of Google Keep
  • Google, please read notes, and write down lists.