In Gameplay, Redemption Reapers were renamed; SRPG From Ender Lilies Developer: Revealed in Gameplay Trailer

Binary Haze Interactive announced they will publish the simulation RPG Redemption Reapers on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC by Steam in February 2023. The PC release may launch ahead of the console at this time.

Redemption Reaperstells the story of the Ashen Hawks. This team, who is formally known as Faithless Reapers, islaunching surprise attacks. Though they are still haunting their past, they are doing their best to escape the crimes made during war against the Mort armies.

The gameplay features fantasy simulations, as players can position their party members during the attack. If you think this is a small group facing against a powerful army, there will certainly be some challenges that will await players. Players will control five characters who have access to different abilities and skills during combat. The game always limits resources, including weapons and recovery items, with attention to the demands of imminent battles.

En outre, attention was paid on characters and their stories as players formed bonds with the Brigade. Understanding the characters and their personalities, along with the bond between members of the party, seems to be useful during fighting.

The publisher released a trailer detailing the story and the gameplay elements.

Listen to the trailer below.