In konkatsu poll, both Japanese and female have the same high requirement to marry each other in a spouse’s name

Communication skills and thoughtfulness make mens and womens lists, but they're not dependable.

Communication skills and thoughtfulness make mens and women lists, but aren’t always easy to make sure.

Hitooshi is a Japanese dating service, but is more specifically an online dating service. Japanese, a word that says marriage activity is used when singles in Japan are not looking for just a casual or romantic partner, rather they are looking for a serious or romantic relationship with the one who’s looking for a spouse.

Hitooshi recently led a survey over the past year. It asked them what they were looking for in the future of a new bride or groom. There were 2 018 responses collected, and Hitooshi broke down the data to calculate the top five men and women’s lists.

Good conversationalist (chosen by men) Understanding/respect (chosen by women)

The burgeoning of a few things, the women came to higher – the fact that they went into third place on their list, and despite the fact that they had a sense of respect, the question of listening to me and not denying my opinion.

Income equality (chosen by men) Her sincereness – the same as women’s – can be found.

Neither of the four answers in the above gender selecences list (examples of sincerity, by the way, include wont cheat me and wont lie to me). There’s no doubt that women shouldn’t trust self-sufficiency and men are indifferent to loyalty, but marriage-minded women in Japan expect a guy doing konkatsu to be independent and men also expect a woman doing that to be sincere.

Thoughtfulness/observation (as recommended by men) Good conversationalist (chosen by women)

In a moment there’s the importance of being able to get around a conversation by checking in on women’s list, and a little while I’ll see another overlap.

Acceptance of my interests/hobbies (chosen by men) Remindfulness/consideration (chosen by women)

When men reply here and a rise in independence from the number four on their list, it seems that konkatsu men are hoping to maintain a certain amount of the lifestyle they have becomeaccustomed to even after they get married. It may be because, ideally, men who use conskatsu instead of regular dating practices tend to be older than their female counterparts, and hence, have a habit of having settled into certain comfortable patterns in their life as singles so far.

One side of the list, men and women said they wanted the same thing with their spouses.

Good looks (optional by men) Good looks (such as a female image).

Yep, when asked what is their future boyfriend’s future partner wanted, the most common response from both men and women was good look. While their way of thinking, good looks were always different. When asked what the term says, the most common answer came from men, 38 percent of them; and who was attractive, the best description came from 56 percent. That kind of person looked well-groomed and sexy. If you’re looking for a wholesome feeling, then then again a weak impression might manifest. The attractive and clean are not mutually exclusive ways to describe a person, but often, depending on preferences, in Japan, with traditional appearance preferences.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that looks are the number one priority for all Japanese, who wish to get married. When Hitooshi searched out the data for the results from its users who were in a serious romantic relationship over the past year (so if they met through Hitooshi or somewhere else) their favorite five things they wanted in a spouse are different.

Men are picking these men. Acceptance of my interests and apologies. Independence Thinkfulness and judgment are subject to review. Good morals and good morale.

Women are chosen as the best person to look for. Sincerity Insights and thinking of matters.

Beauty isn’t an attractive aspect to the beholder, but being more open to the eye will boost both men and women’s marriages stock.

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