Intel Documents Confirm the second generation Meteor Lake CPUs are moving towards New LGA1851 Socket

Earlier this year, even in March, all of the internet was in the same spot and a reselection was revealed – the LGA 1700 socket platforms, in contrast to the Intel Alder and Raptor Lake processors, would probably not be available for both generations. Intel has had a habit of changing the way they do.

Earlier this year, in fact, when Spring began, there appeared online info suggesting that the current generation LGA 1700 is likely to only extend to these two generations. Accordingly, Intel has an habit of changing their sockets with almost the same regularity as most people swap their pants. Well, ok, this is a bad analogy in this room. For you, as I hope that you change your underwear a bit more frequently, so the idea comes true.

Despite the speculation suggesting a new LGA 1851 socket, there was still little news on this in the last few months. After a report via Videocardz, a new documentation, supposedly direct from Intel, has confirmed that a new socket is still on the way, but this one is actually going to make its debut in its fourteenth-generation Meteor Lake processor.

Intel Confirms LGA1851 Socket For Meteor Lake CPUs.

The data has not yet revealed that Intels 14th-generation Meteor Lake processors (now not expected to arrive until 2024) will actually move to a new LGA1851 socket design. However, while the new design is planning to let for some additional 151 pins, the total socket size doesn’t seem to get any bigger.

Aside from the fact that coolers compatible with LGA 17 should be excellent for those who want to go to Meteor Lake. In case a new mounted/spacer kit has been built, with the 14th-generation design expected to be a little taller, and almost certainly needing.

There is still a whole lot of life in the LGA 1700.

Since Intel has only recently released its first Raptor Lake processors, there is still plenty of life and functionality in the LGA-1700 socket. And now that Intel is understood to have delayed Meteor Lake and allowed for a few late revisions to Raptor Lake in late 2023 (at least according to the rumours).

Just look at it and I don’t know how much there’s going to be, I think it’s going to be 1851 in coming and judging by this info, it seems that as well as LGA 1800, Intel at least plan to keep that going for a couple of generations.

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