Is Black Frieza next in the Dragon Ball Super manga?

With the latest Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 near here, I'm trying to predict the new arc. We know that the new chapters involve a prequel story for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and the movie will also be adapted into the manga. But what happened next? Friezas new transformation as Black Read more

Is Black Frieza vs. Jiren next, now that both DBS characters have undergone training? Pic: @ade.bw_oho!

Since Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 is almost here, I decided to make predictions about the new arc. We know that the new chapters have a prequel story that would give the character a new hit, dragonball super: Super Hero. There’ll be a sequel to this movie, too.

What about it? Friezas new development is becoming more complex from Black Frieza to Goku and Vegeta.

It’s very likely that Super Broly will be added as a flashback to the manga. Ressurection F, as well as its clues, could have given us some clues.

Because Frieza is able to travel by a different universe, why wouldn’t she try time travel?

Dragon Ball Super Broly. Broly was a character during his rage. Movie credit: Toei.

Is the movie key?

Ressurection F is a movie in the Dragon Ball Z, and is a part of the Super X arc. I think it’s fair to use some of its facts to make predictions.

We know that Frieza isn’t happy with his single hit hit that he scored on Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87. It’d be too easy, so our heroes can train with both Whis and Beerus or in the Room of Spirit and Time.

Why didn’t he take the chance to kill them? Though there were some whistles, Frieza called Goku and Vegeta an afterthought.

He even boasted that he spent ten years in a Room of Spirit and Time to get stronger. This proves that he learned from his mistake in Resurection F.

But we must remember that Goku and Vegeta are not the only Saiyan Frieza that has his eye on. A few days after the Super Broly movie, Frieza reveals he knows where Broly is and wants to work with him again once Broly can master his emotions.

There’s the question of future tarnished ones. We haven’t seen him discuss Trunks yet, but he has not seen a direct connection between Future Trunks and his modern counterpart.

If a person like these and a person like that – a joke to be said that when a person like a person like erin and an older person like erin, she’s actually reaching their teenage youth. He knows that Trunks is a Vegetas son already.

And Frieza wouldn’t hesitate to use Trunks against Vegeta and Goku.

Where do I want to become the strongest in the universe?

I was disappointed in the Survivor Arc Granolah. Dragon Ball is full of revenge stories; this one isn’t surprising.

I love hearing about the Heeters and how everything goes together. However, it seemed more like an aging story, and the fact that I saw Frieza kill gas wasn’t doing any better.

Even when Vegeta had read or watched Dragon Ball Z, would have seen Frieza return stronger. It’s nice to see that Vegeta will take on more character development; it’ll be interesting to see how he does as a father to a teenager.

But everything else in Granolah had had to be boring so hard that everything was possible. I understand how the desire for the strongest in the universe works.

But achieving strongness does not have any impact on using the rapid transmission. Even if the Dragon Ball isn’t taking the opposite direction, we can still guess how the Strongest of the Universe is to be solved.

After that we have the fact that Beerus hasn’t yet shown his strength. So can Black Frieza defeat the God of destruction?

I doubt this, but if he does, I should have Goku, Vegeta, or possibly Broly stepping in the Destroyers role. However, hoping I don’t see what I can do with Beerus.