Is Morgoth king, Is Morgoth King?

The Lord of the Rings focuses very much on the quest to do some Sron post-Attumnus, but on Morgoth often goes on in the series. We know that Morgoth was an unknown place. Is Morgoth a ring of power? Who could he be? Read More

While we all know the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power focuses on the search for Sauron after the First Age, one of the names often mentioned in the series is Morgoth. We know that Morgoth was the first major threat of the Middle Earth. But he defeated the First Age and started the Second Age, the setting of The Rings of Power. The Rings of Power are still Morgoth!

Morgoth was in The Rings of Power but was only mentioned in passing during the opening monologue of the series. He was never shown in the story, although his name is often mentioned. Morgoth is no longer world’s. His influence lives by Sauron and the evil he left on the world.

Even though we all know Sauron is the most popular dark lord in the story of the Lord of the Rings, Morgoth is a much bigger threat. Even though he’s still not the Lord of the Rings, he is now no longer in the story line. Let’s try and understand why he’s still in The Rings of Power and how he has his role in the storyline.

Who is Morgoth?

When it comes to the story of The Lord of the Rings, we can’t stop trying to identify the evil with Sauron, as he is the dark lord that ruled over the kings during the events of The Lord of the Rings. He’s also the evil that Frodo and his friends try to destroy in the story’s way. Some people often forget that he wasn’t even the initial dark lord of Middle Earth.

After long before Elves and Men existed, and even before Middle-Earth, Eru Iluvatar was able to create the world by creating the Ainur, divine spirits that share a portion of his power. These Ainur are unbelievable; but only a few of them are considered Valar, who are the strongest of all the Ainurs. The strongest of all the Ainur’s was a Valar named Melkor.

Are there any surprises?

Through the Ainur, Iluvatar created and shaped the entire universe. Melkor tried to disrupt the creation of the universe by trying to do what his own venomous way. With that, he eventually became an evil and selfish being who was close to the power of the supreme creator but hungry for power.

He was in an impoverished empire on the Middle-Earth, where he lived for years in the Year of the Trees. Even when he wanted the Silmarils Feanor created, Melkor went to Valinor to steal the Two Trees and steal the Silmarils. This act became the first of the first century, as Melkor became known as Morgoth as a black man and the name Feanor gave him when the Elves battled to steal the stolen Silmarils.

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As with most of the world, the war against Morgoth lasted nearly 600 years on Middle-Earth, so Elves and Men alike lost their lives fighting for and against Morgoth. It wasn’t until Earendil, a half-Elf, decided to get to Valinor by sail to ask the Valar assistance. When the warriors were successful, the enemy was successful. The Valar defeated Morgoth and captured him.

However, when the Valar defeated him first, Morgoth wasn’t locked up. He was ejected from the whole world and entered the Void, where he has remained since the end of the War II. The defeat of Morgoth ushered into the Second Age of Middle-Earth. The problem was that Sauron, his most trusted lieutenant, could escape capture during the first and last years.

Is Morgoth a Mummy?

In the first section of The Lord of the Rings, The Rings of the Empire, the entire First Age was gathered in the Galadriel opening monologue. She tells a story about how Morgoth destroyed two trees and forced the Elves to wage a war against him. Of course the defeat of Morgoth wasn’t shown, but the monologue revealed he was defeated. The most important part was that the monologue also revealed that Sauron was able to escape capture and is still at large somewhere in Middle-Earth.

This means that Morgoth is true in the Ring of Power. But he was never shown in the series since he was only mentioned in passing. That is because the true bad that the series wanted to focus on was Sauron, who was still so bad as Middle-Earth, because he was as evil as Morgoth.

While Morgoth was often mentioned in The Rings of Power, he was never shown. Despite being a world-wide man, he is no longer in the series. And that’ll be something we’ll discuss in our next question.

Who could Morgoth be?

Of course, throughout the entire first season of the Rings of Power, Galadriel wondered who Sauron might be and where the dark lord was hiding. In the last episode of the season, it was revealed that the dark lord was residling in the form of a man named Halbrand, the whole time and losing all his power when Adar betrayed and killed him in the past. While we do know that Sauron was just hiding as a person, what about Morgoth?

Even though Sauron was hiding in the form of Halbrand, we can’t say anything about Morgoth that is because he was indeed captured and ejected from the world after he was defeated at the end of the first world war. That means that he isn’t hiding in the form of a person during the events of The Power Ring.

The problem here is that Morgoth is still in the world, even though he is not in the world yet and is in the court. Yes, that sounds confusing. Just remember that his influence persists in the world.

Even though Morgoth still remains in the Void and is watched by Earendil and the other Valar, his power continues to exist in the Middle-Earth due to the fact that he continues to lose his dark influence in the world. The effects of the Morgoths war during the first war were more than just a loss to the Middle-Earth, because it affected both the Elves and the Men’s hearts.

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That he laid in the hearts of the Children of Iluvatar (elves and men) persisted thousands of years after he was left in the Vod. It is basically because of Morgoth, that children of Iluvatar are able to commit evil acts and hence it is the lasting influence of the first dark lord left on the world. In the Rings of Power, the distrust between the men of south and the Elves still persists, given the Southlanders were men who fought with the dark lord during the first era.

Even though he was defeated, Morgoth’s good influence still existed in the world. There’s also the fact that his faithful servant, Sauron, has already existed until the third of age. It means that there were still people who carried out his legacy long after he was defeated by the Valar and entered the Void.

Although this part of the JRR Tolkiens novels was never explored, it is said that Morgoth will eventually escape the Void and return to Middle-Earth to initiate the Dagor Dagorath, which is the final battle between the good and evil forces. It’s the apocalypse of Tolkiens, but this story line was never discussed in a whole lot of detail during the time spent in the author’s lifetime.