Kit Harington says something about the future of snow in Game of Thrones

Will Kit Harington's journey reflect Jon Snows’s adventure? Hear what the actor has to say about this subject.

A number of familiar faces from both Game of Thrones and the prequel, House of the Dragon, came to the stage to speak on a lot of panels. The actor discussed everything from past memories to futures.

As soon as the time went to Kit Harington, everybody was trying to answer the problem of the development show, which was nicknamed Snow. Harington opposed to the subject, focusing instead on Game of Thrones.

Nevertheless, his musings about the HBO show may have revealed where Snow could take Jon Snow down the line. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actor replied with: “How did Game of Thrones leave Jon Snow?”

If you were asked, he felt like he should have done nothing, said Harington. When we see him in that cell, he is working forward to be beheaded, and wants to be beheaded. They’re done. The fact that he goes to the wall is his greatest gift, and as well a curse.

He will stay back in the midst of all that history and live out his life, even though he did not know what was going on in his arms and lived out his life, and now he will think of how he killed Dany, and live out his life, thinking about his death, with the death of Ygritte Leslie; and live out his life, thinking of how he hung Ghelly [Brenock OConnor], and live out his life, thinking about all of this trauma, and

After an hour, Harington continued: That’s interesting. So I think where we leave her at the end of the show there is always this feeling of like that I want a little bit of smile that everything is okay. She isn’t okay.

We already know Snow is Haringtons project. He pitched it to G.R. Martin and, in his mind, was a big hit in the show. We also know that the actor was plagued with his own troubles after Game of Thrones, going to rehab and considering not to quit acting altogether. Even though it was difficult to decide how long Snow took to reach this point, Harington must have conceived for the sequel and worked through his own problems.

Could Snow be a reflection of Haringtons self-travel? Is Jon likely to have similar problems and lose identity?

I think Snow should explore what happens next for Jon Snow, rather than attempting to fix Season 8 as you might suspect. Even though Harington was forced to stay away from Game of Thrones, then he again found himself, but that could be reflected in his discovery of himself after leaving Westeros.

Of course this is hardly any speculation for now. But I think Haringtons clear deeply awaited thought about Jons headspace and how he might feel should’ve informed how he is approaching this sequel series.

(featured image: HBO)