Legend of Heroes: Walks in Reverie All English Voice Roles

Last week, NIS America made several tweets saying that English voice cast will announce the official localized version of The Legend of Heroes: Stories of the Reverie. And while we covered each set of announcements, we figured that it would be perfect to compile them into one article for ease of access.

In addition to this article conclusion, we also listed the characters who have been re-cast, their original voices, and their new ones.

Here are some of the enlightened English voices for the trail into Reverie.

  • Yves’s Sean Chiplock Rean Schwarzer yvessa.
  • Alisa Reinford, Rachel Hirschfeld.
  • Elliot Craig Lucien Dodge.
  • Gaius Worzel Kaiji Tang’s Ayot, Worzel.
  • Machias Regnitz Edward Bosco (Supra)
  • Jusis Albarea Benjamin Diskin.
  • Laura S. Arseid Heather Gonzalez.
  • Fie Claussell Cassandra Lee Morris, Mary Ann.
  • Emma Millstein Rena Strober is a masher.
  • Millionaire Orion Michelle Marie
  • Sara Valestein Carie Keranenen.

  • Towa Herschel Megan Taylor Harvey Harvey.
  • Elise Schwarzer Kira Buckland and Mary Elizabeth.
  • Alfin Reise Arnor Cassandra Lee Morris Arnor Anor.
  • Sharon Kreuger Mela Lee.
  • Celine Kira Buckland is a nurse.
  • Amber Lee Conners Roselia.
  • Claire Rieveldt Rachel Kimsey was just the start of her work.
  • The Scarlet Mela Lee has died.
  • McBurn Max Mittelman.
  • Callus Albarea Douglas, D.C.
  • Duvalie Eden Riegel is the son of a wife.

  • Kurt Vander Joe Zieja has been wearing this shirt.
  • Juna Crawford Erika Harlacher.
  • Ash Carbide Austin Lee Matthews.
  • Elmira Dolan, member of the Musse Egret, says Tipton.
  • na dehyni de.olóno nhm santhe dynh yüynh.
  • Aurelia Le Guin Valerie Arem
  • Professor Michael Corey Smith, Dr. Schmidt.

  • The bright singer, estelle sharply greeted me.
  • Joshua Bright Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Renne Bright Courtney Lin.
  • Olivert Reise Arnor Matthew Mercer.
  • Scherazard Harvey Michelle Ruff, suffolk.
  • Tita Russell Brianna Knickerbocker.
  • Agate Crosner Ben Pronsky was born.
  • Lechter Arundel Max Mittelman is the Max Moorman.

(Partially pushed away the idea that it wasn’t possible to share spoilers to those who weren’t caught up.

  • Lloyd Bannings Robbie Daymond.
  • Elie MacDowell Erica Mendez.
  • Tio Plato Kayli Mills.
  • Randy Orlando Jonah Scott
  • KeA bans Ashlyn Madden from stokings.

  • Noel Seeker Abby Trott.
  • Wazy Hemisphere Griffin burns.
  • Wald Wales Brent Muaki
  • Alex Dudley Christopher Corey Smith.
  • Sergei Lou Brent Mukai.
  • Fran Seeker, Kayli Mills.
  • Rixia Mao Suzie Yeung, n.Y.
  • Arios MacLaine Yea.
  • Professor F. Novartis Dave B. Mitchell.
  • Shizuku MacLaine Michelle Maria Marie.
  • Ian Grimwood Austin Lee Matthews
  • Michel Gabe Kunda.

  • C c…
  • Swin Abel Daman Mills.
  • Nadia Rayne Suzie Yeung, dean of the snead.
  • Lapis Rosenberg Lizzie Freeman Lizzie Freeman.

  • Max Mittelman has come back as McBurn following Alan Lee, which wrote him inTrails of Cold Steel IV.
  • Like McBurn, Max Mittelman will return to the voice of Lechter in ten days out of revolving to Reverie as he doesn’t eat the iron, where Alfred Reich performed the role.
  • Renne became Courtney Lin. Sandy Fox was able to speak her in earlier instances.
  • KeA Bannings was re-cast by Ashlyn Madden. Lauren Landa voiced her during the Trail of Cold Steel IV.
  • Suzie Yeung has been voicing Rixia Mao, the woman that Erica Mendez worked in the series Trails of Cold Steel II.
  • Heather Gonzalez will continue to speak with Laura S. Arseid. Marisha Ray credited her in the Cold Steel game pre-IV.

The Legend of Heroes: Roads into Reverieis will release in the summer of 2023.

  • The opening of the trailer opens up.
  • Limited Edition & Merchandise.
  • VR Support & remit bonus slugs announced.

The Legend of Heroes: The Trails of Zero is now available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Epic Games Store,GOG andSteam.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure released from PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 on the following occasions:

  • March 14, 2023 North America, May 1, 2023
  • May 17, 2023 Europe
  • March 24, 2023 Australia, New Zealand, Australia, Auckland, 21st March 2023

This is a list of more important aspects of the game.

  • Official Website Update #1
  • Update #2 of official website.
  • Story Trailer & March 2023 – Release date: March 2023.
  • Redundant Vote to compensate for the reversion of cover.

The Legend of Nayuta: Boldless Trailsis is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2023.

  • TheTrailsseries has recently sold over 7 million units in the world.
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The Legend of the Dead: Kuro no Kisekiis now available on PlayStation 4,PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam in Japan.

The Legend of Heroes:Kuro no Kiseki II Crimson Sinis now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in Japan. Check our latest coverage, which also acts as an avenue for repeated operations at times.