Livestreaming the jump festa 2023 from across the world for the first time ever to be livestreamed all over the world for the first time ever

English subtitles and translated translation will be part of the upcoming manga celebration.

The real English subtitles and interpretation will be part of this year’s mummy-themed festival.

The Jumpfesta has been a major event in manga and anime in Japan since 1999. The convention held in Chiba’s Makuhari Messe draws in thousands of fans of Shueisha’s major manga magazines such as Weekly Jump, Shonen Jump, V Jump, Jump SQ and Saikyo Jump.

Despite popular jumps and the prevalence of jumps a lot of masked megahits throughout the world, this event was limited to Japan for the most part of its existence. The sudden changes were as time went on when Jump Festa released video of their biggest stage shows globally, subtitled and only by chance. The video showed the results in three months after the present event.

Only one person can watch all the stage shows as well as English subtitle and interpretation services. Following the 17th December jump-fested 2023, two days and three staged, with biggest hits in the public attention being taken on the Super Stage. While streaming, this stage will both have English subtitles and real-time interpretation. Here’s a look at the panels.

Black Clover 11:15. 11:55) Jujutsu Kaisen (12:45 p.m.). 13:25. The queen of tennis (2:10 o’clock) 14 o’clock a.m. Boruto & Naruto (3:35 p.m.). 15 o’clock) My Hero Academia (17 o’clock). 17.30pm)

Spy x Family (11:15 p.m. 11:55) Demon Slayer: Yaiba, Kimetsu. (23:45 p.m. 13:25. Dr. Stone (22 p.m.) 14:50 o’clock. Sawyer (3:35) 16:05 a.m. One Piece (17:00 p.m. 17 o’clock)

It will be a great chance for fans everywhere to get new news and insight to their favourite titles. Here, table reads will feature voices from their anime versions. Not only that, a handful of select titles are only being awarded for one day.

In addition, Super Stage EX shows can only be viewed online, so those viewing livestream will be able to access panels who aren’t available to the people attending the event. Here’s the line:

Bleach (7:00. The question is, “No. Kurokos basketball (7:40). 8:20 p.m. Haschiwa!!! (18:20 o’clock ). 9 p.m.

Other visualisable items are the Jump Studio NEO, with a stage show relicing new titles from Weekly Jump, Shonen Jump + and Jump SQ. Unfortunately, these will never have English subtitles at the time of livestreaming, so you’re able to use the spoken Japanese to get the latest translation.

Mission: Yozakura family (9:30 am). 00 o’clock (and 10 o’clock) Moriarty the Patriot (10:30 p.m. 11:00pm. Unluck wilted (11:30. 12 o’clock) Hokkaido Galls are super cute! (12:30 pm). 13:00 p.m. Chained Soldier (9:30) 14:00. The following day, Roboco took the break at 30. 15:00) World Trigger (30:30 p.m. (5:00 p.m.) Dark Gathering (4:30). 17 o’clock (at least 10 am)

Ron Kamono Hashi: Deranged Detective (10:30). 11 p.m. The Ayakashi-Stain (daily 1:30 p.m. After 12:00 the hell. “Is there a time with you?” 13 o’clock. Rurouni Kenshin: The Romantic Story of Meiji (1:30) (Member 25). 14 o’clock.) Hells Paradise: Jigokuraku (22:30 p.m.) The meeting is 15 o’clock. Blue Exorcist is 30 p.m. 16 o’clock Magie, Muscles, etc. 17:00:59.

Keep in mind that these are all Japanese standard times so you will have time. You can see all the stages in the show either from the official Jump Channel on YouTube or on the Jump Festa website.

You should check something out for One Piece. The series that has now travelled to Japan to end and has the highest grossing film of the year in Japan, have already been going on with celebrations and might be having something big up their sleeves for this event too.

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