Males Trailer: Fernando Gil, Fele Martinez and others are hesitant to become new-age men

One of the two main types of men explores the difficulty of getting out of patriarchal roles and adapting to the situation.

To celebrate the perfect year, Netflix has revealed an upcoming Spanish comedy series with Alpha Males Trailer. The series’s creators were La que se avecina, Aqui no hay careen viva Alberto and Laura Caballero and was produced by Contubernio Films. This comedy series explores the difficulties of exiting established roles and adapting to the actual situation.

The main part of this series is ‘A lost job, an open relationship, a divorce of all types, etc.’ Four middle-aged friends in Madrid try to navigate the changing world of masculinity. The show is celebrating The end of the Patriarchy.

In themidst of the malehood crisis, four forty-three-year-old friends lose their thrones, dignity and identity. Years ago, they would have been alpha people in charge of their relations, jobs and lives. But they need to live in the equality era, but society with new rules is too big for them to expose their pathos.

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Of all the other Males, there’s still a trailer from Alpha Males.

The Spanish title of the show is Machos Alfa, and the ensemble includes Fernando Gil, La Cicinta, Maria Hervas, Raul Tejon, Kira Miro, Gorka Otxoa, Paula Gallego, Fele Martinez, Raquel Guerrero and Virginia Rodriguez (Im dating you naive).

The trailer with 1 minute and 51 seconds starts with a group of men sitting in a room and listening to a talk about how to become a man in modern times. They talk about the world’s sexistness and that men should change by deconstructing their masculinity. But the friends have become in a bad mood, keeping up with new rules and changes in their traditional household.

From being suggested that they have an open relationship, to to having a teenage daughter in the Internet and trying to make everything work, they have a lot of room for them to learn and adapt quickly, resulting in hilarious & chaotic situations.

Watch the Baby Watch Trailer.

Netflix plans to release the series on December 30th.

Will you watch this series with ease? What do you think about this trailer?

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