Move In With Malaika Episode 5: Netizens Bring Out A Set Of Relatable Reactions!

Moving In With Malaika Episode 5 Memes are more relatable than the last. Read in and discover them.

Moving In With MalaikaEpisode 5 premiered December 12, 2022, with an ERA of 20 minutes. The new reality show will focus on actresses, model, dancer and a VJ Malaika Arora. The show is built by Malaika and Banijay Asia, and will give us an exclusive look at India’s famous lifestyle.

The actress gained fame for her appearance in the famous Bollywood song “Chaiyan Chaiyan” from the filmDil Se..along with Shah Rukh Khan. As long as she’s not in the public eye, her divorce from Arbaaz Khan, brother of Salmaan Khan, is one of the cities where it’s most talked about. She was sexually trolled, as well as with Arjun Kapoor, she was arrested by internet trolls.

I decided to work with her at a cost.

The show was written by Disney+ Hotstars.


In this episode, Malaikas longtime friend, Karan Johar, the director of Dharma Productions and the owner, is presented to his new generation. He is surprised to have discovered his confidant and immediately starts sharing the events of his day. With slew of light and gossip, both stars are engaged.

Malaika seems a lot comfortable, unlike the other day. She became less confident, and she decided to let go of her sophisticated side right away. As we’ve been aware, Karan is famous for his excellent way of making people feel home.

As usual, there are many fans who could tell about this new episode. Many fans have achieved all the points of Malaika and make it relateable. In addition to Malaika, Karan Johar is the latest victim of Twitter. Twitter users are turning their conversations into jokes. The show gets an instant attention in the app.

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Make me sad I am still trying to move in with Malaika Episode 5 Memes!

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Moving In With Malaika Episode 5 is now available on TV + Hotstar.

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