Moving To Malaika: Terrence Lewis expresses his strong feelings for Malaika Aroras Show

Terrence Lewis was talking about his closest friend, Malaika Aroras, with a new reality show Moving Together.

Moving In With Malaika is a huge thing, and it aims to piece together moments from Bollywood star life. The relationships, the spirit of life and more. This amazing diva of Bollywood has seen all this happening. Her beautiful dance moves and spellbinding charm stimulate the hearts of millions of millions. Malaika Arora makes her much-anticipated digital debut with Disney+ Hotstar.

She will give her fans an instant acces to her life with unfiltered conversations in an all-new exclusive show, Hotstar Specials Moving With Malaika. The series is set by Banijay Asia and Malaika Arora.

Terrence Lewis is pictured in Disney’s Hotstar reality show.

Who doesn’t want to go in with Malaika? She’s all about beauty. She’s bold. These incredible women have abandoned their mark and swore for a living, free life. When asked about his closest friend, Terrence Lewis spoke about some reasons, and more about why Malaika is one in a million and why people would like to move with her!

Tenert said that, why don’t you have to come into Malaika? I mean it’s Malaika. I would say that she’s a very kind person. Like you you have seen the glam side, the most common thing. She has a wall that she doesn’t break through because of her own space. It seems like exposing her vulnerability isn’t her best suit.

I’m so proud of Malaika that she’s doing this right now. In some way, it would be an ideal way for many people to voice their voice about their truth with dignity that she has always carried herself. I’m excited to watch this whole series, and I’m sure there’s a lot more to come. I am really feeling about it.

Watch the Move in with Malaika promo!

Experience Malaika Aroras’ modern side through her digital adventure. Meet the Bollywood diva in her Hotstar Specials Moving in With Malaika by Disney at eight o’clock on Monday.

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