Moving With Malaika Episode 5 Review: Malaika Gets up-close and personal with Karan Johar

In An Episode 5, Malaika shares intimate details about her life in Moving In With Malaika. Read on to find out.

Moving In With MalaikaEpisode 5 premiered on December 12, 2022, with a run time of twenty minutes. The new reality show will feature actress, model and dancer, aka Malaika Arora. Is this show conceived by Malaika and Banijay Asia? The show will give us a close look at the life of the Indian celebrity.

She appeared in the famous dance song Chaiyan Chaiyan as well as Shah Rukh Khan. She has been in the public eye since, and her divorce from Alaaz Khan, a brother of Salmaan Khan, is one of the most talked-about places around the city. She has gotten a troll in the internet following her dating news with Arjun Kapoor.

I think, when you tell me, he’s going to eat the show, which would show him his true self.

This TV show “The Disney” is called the Hotstar ‘The Disney Adventures’!


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The episode starts with Malaika changing her hair colour to a trendy new hair colour. She goes to the salon with her friend, who introduces her to the owner and hairdresser. A short, step-by-step montage of the whole process is shown to the audience.

Later this day, a long-time colleague of Malaikas, who is a director and owner of Dharma Productions, Karan Johar, comes to her place. He seems to be very surprised by the fact that she came across a confidant and begins to communicate her experiences. This is a quiet place and a beautiful place to spend time in the conversation.

Malaika looks very comfortable, unlike any other day. She was less muscular, and abruptly she let her strife go. Karan is known for being extremely nice at making people feel home as well as his talk show shows.

Next season will continue to take away the pitfalls.

Honestly, it seems like a second episode of Koffee with Karan for almost 20 minutes. He take over the show instantly and starts asking questions, which will leave the viewers laughing at the awkwardness. He also asks the right questions that the viewers have been asking for a very long time.

Their conversation was very smooth, even though the questions were too unexpected. They talked about family and friends and the audience and also discuss their relationships. Those viewers will see a side of Malaika that she rarely seems to be displayed on the television.

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Moving With Malaika Episode 5: Final Thinking.

The new reality show looked better like a talk show hosted by Karan Johar. But it was still more enjoyable than the previous ones. Malaika was seen by a comfortable woman. A positive light was also found in the room. Karan helped her make a difference, that is a huge thing.

Even when we came across something huge, we only saw that. There was no new revelation in our story but a few famous facts about the celebrity that we discussed. There are several awkward and intrusive jokes made; they will be funny and annoying to the majority. The fans are a part of the love of watching them together.

I think this is still not possible after Malaika Episode 5.

Moving In With Malaika Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Did you like Moving In With Malaika Episode 5?

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