Naruto creator celebrates the 20th anniversary of the animation show with a special illustration

There are more characters than fans can count on in Naruto, yet none of these characters make up for the show. There are fans of other characters, Shikamaru and Hinata, but Team 7 is not just different than everybody else. Of course that puts Naruto Uzumaki on the list of popular names. And the author's series Read more.

Promotional art of Naruto 20th anniversary gallery. Craps credit: Crunchyroll!

There are more characters in Naruto than fans can count, yet few can stand out in the entire show. There’s some fan groups like Shikamaru and Hinata, but Team 7 has its name in the main part.

It doesn’t help that claim that Naruto Uzumaki is the top of the list of favorites, and the authors of the movie series have just given his most recent photograph of the loudest hero in the Hidden Leaf in honor of the anime’s 20th anniversary exhibition.

Masashi Kishimotos new Naruto illustration!

As you can see below, the paintings were made by Masashi Kishimoto. A gallery devoted to this series has just opened, and the famous creator is busy commemorating the 20th anniversary of Naruto. Kishimoto inked some fresh Naruto-inspired artwork to promote the occasion, which you can see below.

Masashi Kishimotos new Naruto illustration. Credits: Crunchyroll.

Naruto and his artwork are both a hit. The youngster is shown in a painting to the left wearing his usual genin outfit, and the blue-orange hue makes it difficult to overlook. On the other side of him is an adult Naruto, who had only a black ninja headband. This artwork combines Naruto original with the more popular one in the world. A shuriken spinning between the two makes sense, as if it was part of a Rasengan blast.

Naruto The Gallery is going to be inaugurated in Japan.

As the Jump Festa goes on, it’s expected to be very much exhibited in Naruto, as well as other Shonen items like Chainsaw Man, My Hero Academia, One Piece and many others that started the Weekly Shonen Jump. The new art gallery opened in Japan to honor the twentieth anniversary of the most well-known anime series. If the fans are not able to go to Japan on the exhibition dates, they can take a virtual tour of the museum.

The news outlet Oricon gave a tour of the new Naruto-themed museum, which includes not only art and anime, but also a complete replica of Konoha and the mountain that holds the Hidden Leaf Village. The NARUTO THE GALLERY exhibition runs from December 10-2022 until December 31.0223 at Akiba Squarein UDX Akihabara.

Fans hoping for major bombshells about the Hidden Leaf Village during this year’s Jump Festa, despite the Shonen franchise, who don’t have much information about what’s going to be unveiled.

Junko Takeuchi, who has written Naruto Uzumaki for more than 20 years, sent an extra message to the fans.

I think that NARUTO is loved by all so much that we can do a large exhibition for its 20th anniversary. Could you give us more love? The popularity of the gallery grows as soon as you see the gallery. We hope that you visit NARUTO THE GALLERY for a ring of love. We’re waiting for you.

Would you like to see the Naruto 20th Anniversary exhibition expand to the West? What are you thinking of the Naruto series after twenty years?