Netflix s Heartstopper wins five Oscars for Children and Families Emmys

Watch as it commenced the first children's andamp; family Emmys ceremony for the first time this year! However, although the most recent nominations to a single show this year were eleven, Heartstopper entered an awards ceremony on this weekends, with eight honourable nominated nominees. These include nourishing saxophones and hairstyling.

Kicking off the first children’s andamp; family Emmys Ceremony with a bang, the Netflix heartstopper took home five awards this year!

The most nominations for a single show this year were eleven, but the award ceremony became a respectable number of awards ceremony entries for Heartstopper over the weekend. These included Outstanding Makeup and Hairstyling, Outstanding Casting for a Live Action Program, Outstanding Writing for a Young Adult Program, Outstanding Young Teen Series and actor nods in nearly every category that they show were eligible for.

The television series won the first Emmy for Outstanding Teen series. Either the writer and creator of a series, Alice Oseman won the Emmy for Outstanding Writing, or the award for Outstanding Casting on a show for Daniel Edwards. An award that he certainly deserved because of the fact that the two of the series lead for outstanding lead performance and both William Gao and Yasmin Finney earned nods for outstanding supporting performance.

Finally, Kit Connor recognized the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Performance in his role as Nick Nelson, while Gao and Finney both lost the Outstanding Supporting Performance Award to Nonso Anozie for his role as Tommy Jepperd in Sweet Tooth. The Nelson family swept the room by the award for Outstanding Guest Performance, whilst Olivia Coleman took home the award for her performance as an actress named Sarah Nelson.

As one of the only shows which took home more than one award, Heartstopper was famous and set the bar for future winners in this new Emmy Ceremony.

There are two winners here.