New Collection of antique stores available in the Donguri Kyowakoku shop

These dazzling home items look good in your home.

This beautiful home can bring you that antique feel.

Whisper of the Heart, although maybe not as famous as Acted Away award winner and the critically acclaimedPrincess Mononoke, is also widely regarded as one of Studio Ghibli’s best anime movies. As a result of the 1995 film starring Shizuku, in which she attempts to find the young man who shares her library history, she finds an antique shop full of eccentric curiosities that put out a strong impression on many fans’ minds.

The ancient shop inspires the new collection of goods now available at Doguri Kiwakoku Ghibli specialties store. There are some new items the fans will like, starting with two mugs and a festive feel (2,420 yen and 17,75 dollars dollars) each.

They depict the story of Shizuki and Seiji, a meeting, and a growth together, surrounded by pictures of items in the antique shop and other motifs from the film.

There are also two porcelain styrosene vessels designed to look like glass (100 yen each) and glass. Their colorful designs depict a picture of Baron and Luisa, a pair of statues that appear in the very beloved antique shop, or a dwarf princess, whose story is described in the film.

There is also a collection of figures from the antique shop. They sell $13 yen each, but the packaging doesn’t show anything inside, so which item is a surprise! There are eight figures altogether, with the one missing figure.

If you don’t want to get your favourite, you can buy the box set, which contains eight for 10 560 yen.

And if you are one of the first to get one, you get a free special figurine of Shiro Nishi, owner of the antique store, sitting on a rocking chair, handcrafted in hand. They can only be bought in limited quantities; therefore, you’ll want to buy your boxes sooner rather than later.

These items are now available in all of Donguri Kyowakoku stores across the country, as well as through their online shop. By using both methods, you can also buy new, best-selling, Whisper of the Heart-themed items such as this lovely table clock, which was featured in the movie and re-released as a new clock. The bag is 20,000 yen.

Baron, a tall animal, is available by the other side, while Shiro works abroad.

It’s noses are made of green tiger eye stones, which have energizing properties that aid in concentration, decisiveness and motivation. That would be a very good gift for a Sweeney-like fan, especially one who wants to start a new endeavor. This one is 9.9 yen.

Lastly, two wristwatches, created by Seiko during Alba production, and featuring Whisper of the Heart motif, have been redesigned and available for presale for 17600 yen. Both have faces that depict the dwarf king and an elf princess and gazing afar, a nod to their lack of respect to each other except when twelve o’clock.

When you look at the watch, it’s not a different thing. One has gold with a rich brown and the other has gold with an ivory strap. Which one is beautiful and stylish; which one you choose is only your choice!

Both watches come in a special box with a storybook that you could even make up your own personal computer to show.

The watch sales are sold in-store and online and will be open until the 31st of January. A limited amount of preordered watches will be delivered in February, while the rest will arrive in June, so make sure you have an order on time if you want one sooner rather than later!

All these items fit the film and the antique store. If you are a movie fan, you’ll probably appreciate them. And if you didn’t watch the film, what are you waiting for? You definitely want to go to the live-action sequel.

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