Reebok announces Street Fighter Shoes and appointments, collection Announced by Street Fighter

Reebok will now partner with an iconic game franchise, this time with Capcom and the Street Fighter brand, while both companies are collaborating to open a collection entitled to the iconic fighting games series. A newest collection of Reebok x Street Fighter features some of the iconic footwear of Reebok's many predecessors coming.

Reebok is set to partner with the iconic gaming franchise, that time with Capcom and Street Fighter. The two companies have teamed up to deliver a collection with the most notable homage to the iconic fighting game series.

The upcoming Reebok x Street Fighter collection features some of Reebok’s iconic footwear models being made over to match some of the details from the game.

The Classic Slide, Nano X2, Club C 85, Classic Leather, LX2200, Furylite 95, Instapump Fury 95, Zig Kinetica 2.5, and Shaq Attaq are the nine silhouettes that were chosen for redesign, with some shoes paying tribute to Ryu and Chun Li and others mention the games training modes.

The footwear ranges from $4-25. Most of the collection that also includes a few clothes will be available starting on December 15, 2022, at Reeboks.

Two shoes, the Classic Leather and Workout Plus, and only in footbags. As it is, most sneaker releases often happen on shelves. It’ll not last too long, so make sure to grab them quickly if you want them.

The streetwear description is found in the bottom of the page.

  • Classic Slide (HR0591 & HP2208, $45) Every fighter needs to take a slide when moving from the arena to the next arena. The Blackboards of Reeboks Classic Slide feature a large selection of graphics from the Street Fighter franchise, so the wearer is ready to fight.
  • Nano X2 (GZ9540, $150) This iteration of the award-winning Reeboks training shoe takes on specific techniques from the training mode in Street Fighter. The outline, which is depicted in the boot, and also the tongue and the heel of the shoe show the impact of the training screen.
  • Club C 85 (GZ 9543, 100 dollars) Ryu, one of the most popular characters in Street Fighter, has taken over the Club C. The upper features distressed canvas and raw edges similar to Ryus gi post-fight. The logo of Ryus gloves is appearing on the heel, but its red details are nodded to Ryus headband.
  • Classic Leather (GZ 9544, $100), Chun Li and her iconic outfit inspire this classic leather. Custom woven underlays pay tribute to Chun Lis dragon sash while her legendary spiked bracelets are recreated on the heel. The shoe finished with distressed gold and blue details, nodding to her outfit coming out of battle.
  • LX2200 (H06329, $110) Cammy and her fierce aesthetic influence this military green and black LX2200. This logo from Cammys beret is printed on the heel of the shoe and his utility belt is put into use with the nylon webbing in the window box.
  • Furylite 95 (GZ9542, $100) This Furylite brings Akuma to life by bringing his distressed dark-colored gi to the upper of the shoe and translating his signature wild look into a furry fleece heel. The tribute is on a rope lace and heel graphic captured by Akumas battle-tested outfit.
  • Instapump Fury 95 (GZ9541, 200 dollars) Details honoring Zangief are hidden in this Instapump Fury from a custom made tongue to a printed webbing showing the details of his wristband.
  • Zig Kinetica 2 (GZ9539, $130) The beloved fighter Dhalsim inspires this sneaker with a colorway reminiscent of his unique look and a rope lace representing his belt. The skull lace dubrae is modeled after his necklace and a pair of Dhalsim’s signature metallic bracelets were shown as metal eyelets.
  • Sq. Attaq (HR0603, $200) Last but not least, this version of Shaq Attaq, in true champion fashion, is the Champion Edition of Street Fighter II. This sneaker features a Champion Edition logo and a distressed upper – it makes it difficult to become a champion.