Samurai’s Yuri-Action Title Sells 50,000 units around the world

The developer Shade and D3 Publisher announced their recently released action title, Samurai Maiden, has sold over 50,000 units worldwide across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

As for the entire title, protagonist, Tsumugi Tamaori has gotten up to the Sengoku period and went to meet the famous Nobunaga Oda, the origin of a unified Japanese language.

There is however a portal to the underworld in the temple of Honnoji, which leaves tsumugi given a sword by Nobunaga. Although thankfully and in fact, Tsumugi knows the basic concepts of swordplay, since she practises it as a hobby. But with this genuine weapon, she continues to murder against many undead foes.

Combat relies upon a player on which to upgrade the cast and summon Tsumugis almighty to perform special skills. As well, multiple difficulty modes provide replayability and the collectibles with concept art are worth searching for.

If you missed the game, try our review.

The graphic that announced this sales achievement is seen below:

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