Techmas Competition Day 11th April – 12 Days of competition

Did you hear a post about the year twelve of Techmas? You can see it here. The short version is that we have 12 days and 12 giveaways, and today we kicking off with a lovely prize from our good friends at Thermaltake! We have put up some great prizes for this competition.

Did you catch a post about the 12 days that they had been doing Techmas? You can test it here. The short version is that we have 12 days and 12 giveaways, and today was launching a prize from our very good friends at Thermaltake. We provide great prizes for this competition, and we plan to give more to this competition in the coming days.

Helicopter Prizes for Day 8 and the year 11 helicopters.

  • Thermal and solar capacity SFX Power Supply – 1000W.

The Tough Power SFX series, designed with a common PCIe 12+4pin modular connector, is a dedicated computer game card for Next Generation PCIe Gen 5.0, and is entirely compatible with Intel ATX 3.0 specifications. The powerful, integrated SFX series is available in 1000, 850, and 750, and is designed to deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficiency. The small size of the Toughpower SFX Gold series fits perfectly on any ATX or ITX case.

How to enter into the country?

How is the 80 plus rating of the 1000 WF?

Come on our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Discord and post your response to The 12 Days of Physicology’s 10th Birthday post, and you’ll be in luck. You may post on all of them for up to four entries.

Did you miss an hour? Don’t worry, was doing that for 12 days. And you can follow the competition here for all days.

What do you think about this clause?

Day 11 will only be offered in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The competition 12 days has been organised by eTeknix and the partners brands. Winners of this competition are randomly selected from all valid entries by a eTeknix staff member. No other brand can influence the choice of the winner. If your email address is submitted, we may collect it, but we will not share or sell your information. By entering your account, eTeknix may send you content-related emails.

In the unlikely event that there’s a dispute, the eTeknix staff has the final word, and no talks will be concluded.

Despite the fact that a prize isn’t available, eTeknix can’t control the prizes. Our partners, for each giveaway, reserve the right to offer an alternative prize of equal value. There’s no other option, however.

The winner must follow at least one of our social media pages and/or Discord. We’ll investigate the winners of a bot account, where we will choose to avoid the risk of fraud. Prizes are for the fans! eTeknix has made this determination. There will be no discussion of this topic with any excluded entrants.

This days competition ends on December 12 22 at 11 o’clock. Qualifying entries made after that point will automatically be disqualified. The winner will be drawn each day and he is eligible for 48 hours to write back to us or that winner is redrawn.

There may be diverse prizes offered by various regions on the planet (detailed above). The transportation from the two regions in such a direction will not be offered, so any bidders from the other half of the qualifying areas will not be eligible.

eTeknix is not responsible for the delivery of prizes. Therefore, since he worked with a variety of brands over the holiday season, please remember there may be some time to deliver and in some cases it’ll likely be New Year. The selected winner must respond within 5 days of drawing, or may forfeit prize of the next prize to the next winner.