The 10 best Christmas movies of the 70’s Watching these holiday movies!

Christmas is the best time to spend with your family in a warm, cozy home. It is also time where we get closer to the future of the year. And, what is screamed more rustic and tradition than the 1970s? The 10 best Christmas movies in the 70s to watch those Holidays Read More.

Christmas is a great time to spend with your family in the cozy, cozy atmosphere of the house. It’s time that we become more into traditions than any other time of the year. And, what screams rustic and tradition more than 1970s film?

To get to the vintage Christmas mood, I made a list of the ten best movie movies in the 70s, which I hardly want to watch during the holidays. Everyone is in the world. From horror to comedy, from animation to drama, a lot of stuff! Don’t miss a minute of the holiday season! This list is based on the IMDb rating alone.

Home For the Holidays (1972)

IMDb: 3/10.

What’s it about: A wealthy man, Benjamin Morgan, has been unconnected from his four daughters for about nine years, as they blame him for the suicide of their mother. Now he is slowly sick, and he calls on his daughter to help him kill his new wife. Benjamin believes that he lent a little effort to poison him to get his money.

What are you watching? This is the only horror movie on the list and I found this very funny. Yeah, the effects aren’t as cool as you expect them to be today. But the plot is kind of cool.

You see, the new wife has been accused of poisoning her first husband before acquitting her. And, it seems that she isn’t trying to kill only Ben, but the four sisters, too. It’s a movie that you almost certainly enjoy, even if you are not a big horror fan. You also know it’s Christmas Eve.

Go to the moon.

IMDb is rated 6.5/10.

Whats it mean: Rudolph embarks on a new adventure finding Happy, the new year after Father Time contacts Santa Claus and tells him that Happy is missing. The red-skinner searches the islands of the past year’s Archipelago, but knows that he’s not the only one searching.

He had to fight against Eon, who wants the baby all for himself, but he managed to find the baby and ensure everyone had a happy New Year.

Why should you watch it? It’s not Christmas, as it is by itself a New Year movie. The roof of Santa, the North Pole, is still on top of that which makes this Christmasy. The wordplay with Happy, an old year’s baby needed for a happy New Year, was so cute, that the stop-animation is really great, as in other Rudolph-based films and shorts of this era.

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A Christmas Carol in the United States (1979)

IMDb: 6,8/10.

What about it: Benedict Slade is a businessman living in New England during the Depression where he often collects the cashier only himself from people who can’t pay off their loans. He hates Christmas, giving and anything remotely similar, but soon after he’s been visited by a ghost whose possessions he took, the ghost of the past, present and future.

Why do you watch this: Every year, a new Christmas Carol pops up in an adaptation of Charles Dickenss. This one was one of the biggest names of mine in the 70s, and starred as Ebenezer Scrooge. He is not Scrooge, but rather Benedict Slade.

We have some nice turns into a plot, but for this story, there are all sorts of characters. Our main character is from a grumpy old miser to an enthusiastic, gracious, and loving man who understands Christmas in a better way than anyone.

The Flintstone Christmas (1977)

IMDb rating: 6,9/10.

What does this mean: Santa Claus has an accident and crashed into the Flintstones home after spraining on Christmas Eve. Fred just accepted the need to dress up as Santa for a charity event, but it seems that the hell must become real this year and save Christmas due to Santas injury. Of course his best friend Barney is there to help.

What you should watch: It’s the one that must be watch with your entire family, from your kids to the older ones. We love Flintstones, and this Christmas tale will give you a lot of laughter and give you a warm heart.

The kids will enjoy the whole day and make them happy. It was very funny to see that the Flintstones celebrated Christmas in the Stone Age before it was cool.

Scrooge (1970)

IMDb score: 7,5/10.

How its about it: A retelling of the classic Charles Dickens story, set in the 1860s. In spite of his former business partner, the Christmas Past, the Christmas Present and the Yet To Come, he was met with a ghost that made him turn into a happier person. Joy and love are filled with joy and song!

Why do you watch it: Since our number six has a highly detailed rating, you know you are in a great position to follow suit. Scrooge was again a classic copy by Charles Dickens of Christmas Carol. It’s only a musical version.

In addition, Scrooge is visited mainly by three but four ghosts: one of their former business partners, Jacob Marley. I also liked the image of Scrooge and a couple of twists that make this iteration of the story quite unique.

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Christmas Carol (1971)

IMDb was taken to a 7.6/10 rating.

What’s their intention: Ebenezer Scrooge is an old bitter miser, who hates Christmas and hates people. He is in a position to redeem himself after being visited by three apparitions that show him how bad his ways are. Scrooge was born on Christmas Eve. He was totally different on Christmas.

Why you should watch this movie: It’s probably the only film on this list that only has 28 minutes. As for Christmas, I always watch the theme of the Christmas Carol. This is fun and it’s always good to see this. You’ll love all the voices in the picture. And that’s all.

Santa Claus was living in an occupied city (1970).

IMDb is rated 7.7/10.

What happened to it: The Mailman is trying to answer all the questions, such as Christmas and Santa Claus, the first time, and its origins. He tells us about Kris, a baby boy left by the Kringle family and who were toymakers.

Kris Kringle grew up and wanted to give toys to Slumbertown children, but he came in and got the hungry old Burgermeister and Winter’s magic. Will Kris manage to give the children the toys?

Why did you watch it? That was one of the movies I liked when I was a kid. For a while, the animation seems strange; however, the amazing voice of the legendary Fred Astaire is absolutely amazing! I don’t like a story that will remind you of Netflixs Klaus, the one that’s for me one of the best Christmas movies ever made, particularly when it comes to the animation.

The Gathering, 1977.

IMDb is up at 7,8/10.

What is going on; Adam Thornton, a rich, bitter executive, had a couple of years ago, and went on to crush his ex-wife. However, when he learns from his doctor that he only has long enough time to live because he’s a terminal illness, he reaches out to his ex-wife and wants to get together for another Christmas.

He doesn’t really want to tell the kids about his illness. She wants them to stay away from love, not to be angry. Adam was concerned about his response, but the gathering ended and his family got together.

Why watch this? This is probably the most depressing movie on the list (at least at the beginning of the day). And yet, its story very interesting: love, redemption, forgiveness, and true meaning. Also, there’s a sequel to this film, so the things would not be as gloomy in the end as they reacted initially to what they seemed like in the movie.

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The House Without Christmas Tree (1972)

IMDb has a rating of 8,0/10.

Addie is a young girl living with her family in 1946 in Nebraska – a group of parents. Her mother died tragically, leaving her father a bitter, grumpy widower. Addie desperately wants a Christmas tree, but her father refuses to allow it due to family’s tragic history.

What you should look up is that a TV movie, The House without a Christmas tree, isn’t all that well-known. Despite being one of the most beautiful, heartwarming Christmas movies that I have ever watched, the rare movies that made me tear up a little bit from time to time, such as films which have largely destroyed the animal’s path, but also it’s very difficult to unpack some of them.

It was based on a book by Gail Rock and won one Primetime Emmy. The cast isn’t quite like a TV movie in the 70s. The story is very familiar, but it’s told in unconventional manner. If you can get this movie somewhere, I recommend it, but I still have it on VHS.

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (1471)

IMDb rated 8,3/10.

What about him: John Walton, the father-to-the-wife of Walton’s family, is going to work out of another part of the state. He promised to come back home for Christmas, but he seems to be too late, too.

The mother and children are sitting on Christmas Eve, 1933, and speaking to young people of the family about Christmas. But as the father is still at home, his oldest son goes out to find him. Will the father leave home for Christmas with his family?

What you should watch is that your first time is the number one spot comfortably belongs to 1971s The Homecoming: The Christmas Story. It’s a great movie with a lovely message and a heartwarming resolution that will make you tack like a kid and never take your family for granted again.

It was nominated for three Primetime Emmys, and though it rated PG to simple language, it was terribly lacking.