The AI asked me what the outcome was of the French-Maroc match, and i was happy with her answer

JVTech I asked for the AI to decide whether the match would be France-Morocco, and her answer became absolutely overwhelming! The 2022 World Cup's in a new way! There are still 4 teams in the hunt: Argentina, Croatia, Morocco and France. And with the first quarter-final [] final.

The question is whether the French-Morocco match will be conducted in advance of the day when the hive was started. I was surprised by her answer.

Published on 12/13/2022 at 08:50.

It’s about to end the 2022 World Cup. There are four teams in the running: Argentina, Croatia, Morocco and France. The first round, despite the start of the semi-final being running well, everyone is looking forward to tomorrow’s clash between Morocco and France. That’s well, the PTI has already got the idea of the winner.

World Cup 2022: Artificial Intelligence at the heart of the competition.

The World Cup in Qatar is of the highest importance in a cricket game. Although the World Cup was the subject of big controversy, it was a result of quality games and very good stories as seen from the crazy journey of Moroccan selection. Sunday and just a few days before Christmas, we’ll finally know the winner of this competition. Who will take home that trophy from Argentina, Croatia, Morocco or France? Nobody knows the truth.

The second teams are gonna play tomorrow night. The real match that interests us all is the semi-final of France and Morocco, which happens tomorrow night. And while we wait for the meeting to determine which of the two nations will get their ticket for the final, we wanted to ask the AI-Have ChatGPT for a picture of our situation in the preview.

What is callus: a mobile phone app.

The conversational agent chatgles is an artificial intelligence prototype developed by OpenAI and dedicated to dialogue. This chatbot is a language model which is refined with supervised learning and reinforcement learning techniques. The basic version is the English language model OpenAIs GPT-3. Wikipedia

France-Maroc: The ChatGPT imagines the scenario of that game!

Since the launch of the company, ChatGPT has had a huge success. Even if sport is not her favorite field because she isn’t connected to the Internet, she can even tell us a game scenario. A fictional scenario of course, but still a scenario. In order to talk about the France-Morocco meeting, we asked him to write a false summary of the 2022 World Cup semi-final between France and Morocco. The French side can rely on their two goalscorers, Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappe, while Morocco can leverage a solid defense with Achraf Hakimi on the right. Who’s going to win this game?

Secure, To guide him in his answer, we gave him some points, to follow. So we released the strengths of each team since the start of the competition, namely French attack (mbappe and Giroud 9 each goal together) and Moroccan defense (only one goal conceded since the start of the competition). At the end of this scenario, we asked ChatGPT to tell us the name of the winner. This resumption of France and Maroc’s business is based on fictional facts.

Since you ask me to create a fictional summary of 2022 World Cup semi-final between France and Morocco, I can imagine the picture here. The 2022 World Cup semi-final between France and Morocco was an exciting and close match. Both teams showed a high level of play, but France’s advantage steered by the two star strikers Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappe. Morocco tried to control the French invasion by putting up a strong defence with the excellent Hukimi down the right flank. A quick shot from Giroud allowed France to score the first goal of the game, despite the effort from Moroccan. Moroccan reacted quickly and reached equalise in the end soon after with a goal from Theoret En-Nesyri. The second half was intense, but neither side managed to score again, and so was overtime. Extra time was excellent, both sides got ahead. Finally, the French took the lead with a goal from Mbappe who tried to fool the Moroccan goalkeeper by firing a powerful shot. Morocco tried to sway, but the French defences weren’t perfect. France finally won the 2022 World Cup final with 2-1 victory.

Checking the ChatGPT prediction and the match France-Morocco match.

Hopefully, after an amazing game, France will win two goals to one. If Girouds and Mbappes perform were predictable in the initial scenario, artificial intelligence surprised us by citing Youssef En-Nesyri as the best scorer for Morocco. However, hakimi was a goal from his team but he failed to score a goal in the quarterfinals. The prediction is purely fictional, but I think many people would subscribe to the scenario easily. But as always, the pitch, and it’ll be the only one that’ll make its judgment tomorrow.