The Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Three Things That Amazed Us Already!

The Alchemy of the Souls season 2 has already surprised us with its first weekend. Those three things that stood out!

The Alchemy of the Sun has finally begun and it’s with a spectacular start that has already amazed us. Go Yoon-jung, Hwang Min-hyun, Shin Seung-ho, Yoo Jun-sang, Oh Na-ra and Jo Jae-Yoon alongside other cast members.

The sequel made sure that, starting with, the revelations and characters bringing out their strong aura already.

Without further ado, here are three things that have already wowed us after the first weekend of season 2.

Three things have Amazed us for the mystical world!

Jang Uks Power:

Jang Uk showed us that he is the most powerful mage this season, even though he’s a full-body photographer. From entering Jinyowon without a challenge, from kidnapping Jin Bu-yeon without any help and even entering the Unanimous Assembly in an almighty way. Each of these scenes has shown us that Jang Uk certainly isn’t one to miss with and we are loving him.

Park Jin, who has not yet gone with his powers in the direction of stopping it, has come to save his beloved Jang Uk.

Alchemy of the Souls Season 2 Episode 1 still stands.

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Jin Ho-kyungs Obsession

There is nothing in this list: the craziness that Jin Ho-kyung has shown us in just two episodes. Take her daughter, hide the track thread on her back, or even letting her legs restrain her so that she can own her own, heirs. Ho-kyung has very close points and it has become unavoidable for us all to watch.

Unfortunately, Jin Cho-yeon is already burdening her sister because she cannot stop the events and be a watcher.

Alchemy of The Souls episode 2 is still out.

Naksus return, and his personality.

There is the last one on this list, as is the way Go Yoon-jung aka Naksu brought her back to the show, and this was definitely the most unexpected way. Taking Jin-yeons body over by her soul and transforming into her own, the loss of memories and powers creates new identity for that character.

Her actual personality comes from having a confined ancestry and having no memories; a self-centered person like that is something like the desire for a freedom and has a new persona that is very sad.

The second season of Alchemy of Souls continues.

Enjoy: Park Jin

One of the characters that we have all loved in season 1 must be the leader of Songrim whose intelligence and power shined while his adversity to Kim Do-ju made us all laugh. During Season 2, Park Jin played a more comic and elderly role, which is sad to watch. While the comedy he does still bring to the show, he still remembers how well he is naive, even the fact that he is just like Jang Uk we are, of course, the same powerful mage who lost both the two swords that managed to kill Naksu.

Alchemy of Heavens Season 2 Episode 2 still exists.

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