The app called “Authenticator” for the Apple Watch will be discontinued

Microsoft announced that it will stop offering its app on the watchOS app store. It's bad news for users Microsoft that they have an apple watch to his credit. Apparently, according to a report from 9to5mac, the company decided to displace Microsoft Authenticator in the App Store of Apple Watch watchOS. []

Microsoft announced that it will stop offering its app on the watchOS App Store.

That if you have an apple watch, then you should recognize that. The company decided not to offer a Microsoft Authenticator app in the Apple Watch watchOS Store soon.

Why? Everything indicates that this is a security issue. Microsoft plan to use new security features to use on an iOS device as part of a new Microsoft Authenticator update in January 2023, but watchOS doesn’t give compatibility to these news.

It’s important to mention that the application isn’t compatible with watchOS anymore, but in the app Store he’s still available on other operating systems like iOS 16 or iPad 16?

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Microsoft doesn’t use Authenticator (MSA) in the Apple Watch App Store.

Microsoft announced that the news has been delayed via a support statement posted on its support site, answering one of the frequently asked questions regarding the Apple Watch support.

In the coming release of Authenticator in January 2023 for iOS, there will not be any companion app for watchOS because it’s not compatible with the Authenticators security features. This means that you can’t use Authenticator on Apple Watch or install it. We recommend you remove the Authenticator from your Apple Watch. This change only affects the Apple Watch, so you can continue to use Authenticator on your other devices.

First, this is quite bizarre news. I don’t know whether the Apple and Microsoft have ever had any kind of conversations about this, or if they actually happen.

What we know is that Microsoft seems to have thrown the towel in the towel when it comes to its app. We do not want Authenticator for Apple Watch and not want to develop the tools that need to support the watchOS. As for the software engineering sector, it shouldn’t be very ready for the job either.

If you don’t know a Microsoft Authenticator app, this security tool allows you to use a two-step verification protocol to connect with a user account of the Microsoft services.

Microsoft Authenticator is available for free in the iOS app store for iPad and Mac, and is available for both iOS and Mac users until January 2023.

What do you think of this news about Microsoft and its Authenticator application? Have you ever used this app on your Apple Watch?

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