The Chainsaw Manpower statue is life-size at a pop-up December exhibit featuring exclusive merch items

The official Twitter account on December 11, 2022 from Baseyard Japan (@CULTURE48830430), announced today, the Chainsaw Man Big Goodwill Exhibit opens this evening (12 December 20, 2022) and will allow for free admission. The anime shop in Tokyo offers the exclusive chainsaw-man merch, and limited edition goods. This makes a breathtaking selfie in the stands standing in front of an exhibition center.

Big Goodwill Exhibition by Chainsaw. Pics are credit: @CULTURE48830430/Twitter.

On December 11, 2022, the official Twitter account of Baseyard Tokyo (@CULTURE48830430) revealed that the Chainsaw Man Big Goodwill Exhibit opens today (12 December 1022) and will have free admission. The anime pop-up store in Shibuya, Tokyo has also exclusive chainsaw man merch, limited edition goods, and the opportunity to take an amazing selfie by standing outside the life-size statue of the dead fleshly and deadly Power!

The Chainsaw Man Goodwill Exhibit will run until February 15, 2023. If you are lucky enough to live in Tokyo, then you could put on a nice Christmas present for your otaku friends. The exact location is in Tokyo (6 Chome-12-22, Jingumae, Shibuya city, 150-000). The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The Chainsaw Man anime is currently airing weekly on Tuesdays and was animated by MAPPA.

These limited-edition merchandise include badges, stand panels, figures and the famous “Vail of Time” figures, and the main characters of the show: Denji, Aki, Power and Makima. If they get 2 000 yen worth of merch (approximately 14.70 USD), they’ll be able to obtain a Chainsaw Man’s Big Goodwill Merchandise Certificate with a limit of five cards per person while supplies last.

Chainsaw Man Big Goodwill KV Card. Pic credit:

The original Art Card for the Chainsaw Man by 2023 will be added to every purchase while the supplies last.

Chainsaw Man Big Goodwill Exhibition Original Art Card. Pic credit:

There are a variety of cardboard boxes.

Shorts for Chainsaw Man. Pic credit: @CULTURE48830430/Twitter.

Life-size Power steals the show.

But the star of this attraction is surely the life-size figure of Power here.

Power life-sized statues. Lucaio: @CULTURE 48830430/Twitter: @CULTURE 48830430/Twitter.

At the premiere of Chainsaw Man, the life-sized figures denji, Pochita and Power were first unveiled.

Here you can see the life-sized Chainsaw Man statue.

A life-size figure is cut into two stranded objects. Poster credits: @shonenleaks/Twitter.

Here is the statue of the Pochita, the lifestuff of the humankind.

Pochita is a life-size statue. Pic credit: @shonenleaks/Twitter.

What is the plot of Warsaw?

The story’s made from a world in which the wicked become insurgents in harrowing and evils can become manifested in human beings. Devils are obnoxious and dangerous and they are powerful and fearless. Despite the need for the Devil Hunter, so did the need to establish a contract with the devils to gain their power and fight fire. If the devils have an imaginary world, they usually live in a hell. But then they re left on the ground of their lands. Once devils die on Earth, they return to Hell.

The story is on a struggling young man called Denji, who has difficulty finding work in order to survive because of the staggering debt his father left behind. He is co-sittling a doglike devil named Pochita and he also collects cadaver for free to earn money.

A day later, Denji was betrayed and killed. He decided to sign an agreement with Pochita just as he seemed to be falling. The devil combines his body with Denji granting him the ability to transform the parts of his body into deadly chainssaws. Using his newfound power, Denji joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government agency whose mission is to combat the devils when they become a threat to humanity.

Are you waiting for an Exhibit with the Chainsaw Man Big Goodwill?