The Glory Promotion: Glimpse at Song Hye-kyo and other lives Ensnared in Revenge Drama

Waiting for revenge kdrama The Glory? Here is a peek at the show, with its good cast members exuding intense passion on screen.

The Korean drama series The Glory, expected to run for revenge on Netflix, is currently expected to come together with the well-rounded set. While the show is focusing on a darker and character-driven path of vengeance, it will surely uncover the idea that it is sometimes impossible to rid of hatred. Wild anticipation for the kdrama already started with no one except the cast members presence, but also the makers of the show, who have already delivered exemplary cinematic experiences.

The Swoons show a glimpse into the next video on Netflix.

The next episode of the sacred tragedy will never be forgiven unless you do that by his Gil-ho of Stranger fame and written by Kim Eun-sook, the actress of popular romantic films such as Guardian: The Lonely and The King, and The King: eternal Monarch. Netflix The Swoon took to Instagram and teased the numerous scenes of the show. Let’s look at how the series is going.

Meet the Characters of the Glory.

The singer’s work, as a result of the sound of the song Hye-kyo and Lee Dohyuns, is proclaimed the greatest hit of all time. There is a way for the main character to do so with a teaser video of that film: the script promises that another would slowly die together. Even though this statement does leave us with goosebumps, there is no way of anticipating what happens in the dark storyline ahead of us.

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When the music is transformed into a vengeful saga, Song Hye-kyo plays Moon Dong-eun while Jung Ji-so portrays her younger persona. The latter was last seen as Ha Young-eun in Now, We Are Breaking Up (2021), and she then turned to fame as the rising Hallyu star with her performances in Autumn Tale (2000), All In (2003), Full House (2004), My Girl and I (2005), Descendants of the Sun (2016) and others.

He is stepping into the lead as a senior. The late Lee Do-hyun plays Joo Yeojung. He is well known for his role at the Hotel Del Luna (2019), 18 Again (2020) and the live-action webtoon adaptation of Sweet Home (2020). While the high intensity pictures are accompanied by overpowering fervour, Im Ji-yeon as Park Yeon-jin, Yeom Hye-ran as Kang Hyun-nam, Park Sung-hoon as Jeon Jae-joon, Jung Sung-il as Ha Do-young, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo-young and Kim Gun-woo, also present as supporting roles.

Watch the Glory Teaser!

The Glory begins streaming on Netflix on December 30, 2022.

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