The Grand Theft Auto Onlines Drug Wars Update Detailed & Out Today!

For the upcoming drug-fueled update of Grand Theft Auto Onlines, the announcement promised lots of Blaine County antics, and now Rockstar Games has asked me what some of these antics will be. The update itself live on PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The fourth half of the drug war, brought the first half of the whole event [to the present day] [[The Santos]] drugs: Revelation and Revelation.

For the new drug-fueled update, Grand Theft released plenty of Blaine County antics, and now the rockstar Games has detailed what these antics will be. The update lives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation X|S, and PC.

Lost Santos Drug Wars brings the first half of the whole event and contains six stories of missions with the Fooliganz. This group led by a man named Dax is going to help players sell hallucinogens across Los Santos and tackle the drug trade. Dax is described as a man-on-the-edge with the high hopes of doing the world, earning money and climbing up the Southern San Andreas criminal food chain. The Daxs are also an agent of the Axons. But naturally, players will get into the Lost MC biker gang. The Grand Theft Auto IVs Lost and Damned DLC focused on.

Players will also be able to acquire their weapons and vehicles and use them in The Freakshop, where the Fooliganz hang out and cook drugs. Once users buy the vehicle MTL Brickade 66 and complete the upgrade, they will be able to cook and sell their own supplies by way of means. Other missions include helping Dax, who is fresh out of prison, and sabotage other missions. Those who help Dax with those deeds next week get double GTA$ and RP. A total of $780 per mission will be doubled until December 22, respectively.

The update comes with a broad range of items for the players to earn, including hundreds of new clothing and five new vehicles (the Annis 300R, Declasse Tulip M-100, Zirconium Journey II, BF Surfer Custom, and the Overflod Entity MT). Looking back at events and trends in the coming weeks, embroidered clothing and unique clothing items will also drop. The Annis 300R only gets available till December 28 but the rest is limited-time offer.

The update includes some modifications in the experience and new items for GTA+ subscribers. Rockstar has detailed the details of the update as part of a huge list. The studio also promised more in the next few weeks and months, including new cars, new events, and new games.