The King of War Episode 10: Live Countdown to Premiere Time

Chainsaw Man episode 10 will drop on Tuesday, December 13th 2022. The episode took place last week of a kind, with surprising things, and surprises.

Chainsaw Man episode 10 drops on Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Last week’s episode was intense, with overflowing characters and saddening deaths leading up to a lot of unexpected character announcements. So of course, because of everything that happened, you’ll want to tune in the moment the new episode hits back. Read the video. For more information, please see the video in the movie “Chawland.”

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Chainsaw Man Episode 10 Timer

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 will debut at 9 o’clock. Pacific on Saturday, December 13th (in only the USA). On other times, this is 10 p.m. Mountain, 11 o’clock. Central, and 12 p.m. It will air on Crunchyroll and Hulu at the moment, unless either platform does not have a server issue. If it were the case, that platform could air the episode a little later than normal, but it is usually 30 minutes to an hour late.

We created a timer that keeps the timer running and the timetable that goes on to exactly when the new sub drops.


The countdown above should be sensible to the device that youre using. Continue and leave this page till the new episodes start. So I will just find out when to get in.

Here’s a backup timer from

This backup timer may not allow for the device’s use, so you should not forget to use this horizontal tool to see it correctly.

Olders on Chainsaw: The Story!

The Chainsaw Man, Episode 9, is not available.

We like to leave those countdowns with the latest chainsaw news. Here’s what’s been announced this week.

According to the official website, there’s going to be a corroboration event in the local theme park Namjatown. That’s from December 16-January 29.

There is also a collaboration between Akihabara Main and Osaka Nihonbashi Store, and BLANC Ikebukuro Store beginning December 23-23 and ending January 22.

Chainsaw Mans also working with the Lawson Collection to sell the original, first-served, merchandise. The first step is December 20 and started in January 2.

Last week we learned that Chainsaw Man will host a Broadcasting Commuemorative Fair from February 24 until January 15. The website notes (in its English translation), you can buy Chainsaw Man goods from the Animate Mail Order nationwide. You get an illustration card for your order, at least 1100 yen. More details about the fair are located here.

However, perhaps the biggest news is the first season’s going to finish. There are only twelve episodes. Which means only two will be left in Episode 10. The fans were hoping that this is technically only a earliest cour, but there’s no indication that there is any way or other in the future.

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