The Predatory Housing market has no limits on the experiences of First Gen Z Congressmans

The newly elected Maxwell Alejandro Frost showed how election finances can be a problem even if you win your election, since now he can't find a way to live.

While working in school most Americans learn to establish the government was designed to give all citizens access to it. There is the ever-present illusion that anyone can become president with a ludicrous heart. But reality seems very different. It seems like the key to getting office is not your commitment, but a large number of accounts.

It costs money to run for office (mostly, for a federal-level position). If you don’t have any money, you have to campaign the same way as your election is (because it’s not). Money allows candidates to run advertising campaigns so they can track who they are. Maxwell Alejandro Frost, an award-winning model, showed how election finance can be a problem even after you win your campaign. Since now he has been elected, he cannot find a place for life.

No money, no more problem.

Frost became the first generation’s congressman to be elected to the House of Representatives. At 25, Frost is now Florida’s 10th district. Frost praised his victory, saying he spent 10 hours working on campaign days a week and 10-12 hours a day working on his campaign days. To campaign like that, Frost must quit his day job and work as an Uber driver to pay for his living expenses. The campaign made Frost a debt even though it raised the money.

Since he’s elected Frost, he has to plan on moving to Washington. However, his campaign debt seems to entail a preventing that from happening. Frost tweeted that he’d contacted the landlord and said his bad credit had prevented him from running for office. The landlord assured him no issues would be allowed. However, Frost applied and paid his application fee. He has been denied later because of his credit score and is not refunded the tuition. How Frost explained, This aint was meant for people that don’t have money already.

Just ran an apartment in DC where I told him my credit was pretty bad. She said I would be fine. It was denied, walked away and applied for the bill. This is intended for people who don’t already have money.

Maxwell Alejandro Frost (@MaxwellFrostFL) December 8, 2022.

What hope do we all have if a federal elected member is having trouble renting? Frosts experience is almost universal if you are from the class or part of a low-income population. When bad credit scores occur for multiple reasons; not just mismanagement your money, as many Republicans like to think. If you work low-wage and a situation of emergency, you’ll have to get your credit card, or you’ll need to get out of a car or your electricity bill. Bad credit scores also can’t come from having any debt, just like never having a credit card or credit card in your name. But many rent out buildings account almost exclusively for a credit score of a resident.

The whole fee fraud comes to an end. According to the location of your application, these fees cost $25-75 per applicant. It can become an expensive job to buy several different properties. If you live from paycheck to paycheck, then come up with these additional fees because of the financial burdens and limits where you could even try to live. One’s main reason for these fees is to pay for the renters if they have an accounting check. There are many places to get credit checks, especially if applicants run the check themselves. Credit checks aren’t a federally mandated rule of renting. This makes the whole process look like an extra way of getting money from someone they can’t even rent to. If this is not an exploitative practice, I don’t know what’s wrong.

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