The princess’s inscriptions 3: Will Julie Andrews take part in the 3rd installment?

The Princess Diaries 3 is under investigation and fans wonder if Julie Andrews will do it. Let's stop talking about it.

Star Julie Andrews said that she’ll not participate in the new movie, because she plays the Queen regent of Genovia in The Princess Diaries 3. I think we know it may not be possible, said Andrews at Access Hollywood.

It was spoken about as soon as (the second sequel), but now what number of years have passed? And I’m that much older, and Annie, the princess or the queen, is very much older. And I’m not sure where it would float or run, a report stated.

The Princess Diaries was originally released in 2001, and Garry Marshall was the lead by Andrews and Anne Hathway. The coming-of-age comedy was inspired by the popular Meg Cabot novel series with Mia Thermopolis played by Anne Hathaway in the center of the story. Mia is a student from San Francisco, discovering she’s a throne of Genovia.

We’re still a part of the Princess Diaries.

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The sequel The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement was released three years later in 2004 with both Andrews and Hathaway reprising their roles. It is now 18 years since the sequel has been released. And Andrews doesn’t seem to like to return to the franchise.

The third film is not yet known yet, but it is now understood that this story is a continuation of the past. I made sure she had the opportunity to start another Princess Diaries. I thought that she might soon have to come back.

I would rather than entertain him, I’m pulling for it, said she during Entertainment Tonight.

I think we’d make it work if there were any ways that could involve Julie Andrews. We would go where she was and put an apple behind us and just make it happen.

The new Princess Diaries will be written by Aadrita Mukerji, with Debra Martin Chase as a producer and Melissa K. Stack as a producer.

Watch Julie Andrew talk about Princess Days.

The Princess Diaries are streaming on Amazon Prime now.

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