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Recently, the elder ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki, an ax chief designer Masaru Yamamura provides us with the information to Armor Core 6. One of the biggest reveals of the Games Awards last week was software. A new armored core has finally been made officially entitled Armored Core 6: Rubicons Fire (presumably nothing to do with this).

Recent interview with an ax chief designer, Hidetaka Miyazaki provides us with an update on Armor Core 6.

Among the biggest reveals of the game last week was software development new armored core has finally been made officially titled Armored Core 6: Rubicons Fire (the least likely to do with juice drinks). The reveal trailer is a classic from Soft, and really isn’t really a story. In recent interview with Miyazaki, Yamamura and IGN, we presented the first details of what we can expect from this sequel.

While Miyazaki had some direction for the project, he was only there at the beginning, Yamamura taking over the game and becoming a game director. Of course one of the biggest questions that everyone has thought was whether Armored Core 6 would be like the Souls of Damnation games, and and I quickly put the idea on hold. No, we didn’t consciously try to make it bigger than Soulsborne. First, let me clarify, explained Miyazaki.

According to Miyazaki, in Armored Core 6 the team revised the core of the series and what makes it special. We wanted to work with the assembled mech and customizing the mech, then with the air conditioner and then the whole assembly was completed. From the start, I emphasized that, Customizing your hats will, again, be part of the sequel. It’ll be more fleshed out with more resources than its predecessors.

Yamamura said boss clashes are the highlight of the game as well as customizing your mech. The enemy and its machine will be aggressive, with a lot of force.

Don’t expect huge open-world games like Elden Ring, as Yamamura has noted that the game has a mission-based structure for one player. It isn’t fully open-ended it’ll adhere to the mission-based structure. You noticed that there was mention of a multiplayer game, and Yamamura confirmed that there will be a ‘Very’ mode, but did not specify any specifics.

One player is clearly the focal point, but you shouldn’t play other games, even though this is the sixth game in the series. We wanted to see that story as a whole new story, explained Yamamura. No direct connection exists to the previous game with the sequel, its a new setting, and a new story for players to enjoy.

It is worth the full interview to find out more details of the next Armored Core, and what you can expect.