The true adventure game is free, but you have to act quickly

If Stray is one of the very good adventure games of the year, Nager 2018 has replaced Felines with a more rated game that's now free. Winter is almost here. The year ended GOG winter sale is therefore a big one. A chance for a free game to come back, as is the very simplest way to do that is to celebrate the free time.

If Stray is one of the best adventures of the year, the Nager 2018 has replaced Felines with a great game that’s now free.

Spring is nearly here. So, i.e., the last year where GOG is selling, is a winter sale period. There is also a chance to celebrate a free game, as well as the practice of the Polish gaming platform. This time it’s all about the exceptional spirit of a story.

Ghost of Tale is free from GOG.

The recent release of the novel, in 2018, proved that many members of the editorial team were honoured for their kind of love that was shared in a large community for the youth of history. The organization could contact each other for free thanks to GOG.

Ghost of the Tale is a RPG game that you play as a player as a Tilo, a mouse and a minstrel caught in a dangerous adventure. The game is based in a medieval world that is only inhabited by animals and takes place in time for adventure and exploration. It’s full of stealth and disguises, enslaving enemies and detesting abilities.

You will be able to find out the mysteries of the Dwindling Heights dungeon and to avoid the dangers. Tilo is a great fighter. With this, your stealth and agility are allies and opponents twice the size of your enemy. Talk with the characters you meet and leave no stone without a stone in search of Merra, your true love.

To find out, don’t forget that you should read our TEST 2018 guide on this question. spirit of history had now received the grade 8/10 and the essential macaron. So that we make it to GOG in no time, unless we think that it will be too late in December on 15.