Tim Cook has confirmed that one of the biggest secrets on iPhones is getting more accurate

Apple CEO wrote on Twitter that he realized that Apple's hardware was surprised. Tim Cook is on a business trip to Japan to visit Japan. It is not the first time that he visited the country and he also visited Apple-related schools, stores, facilities and research centers. While he's in Japan, Tim Cook shares everything they need.

The Apple CEO wrote on Twitter that he had a very bizarre surprise about the iPhones.

Tim Cook is on the trip to Japan for work. He’s not the first time in the history of the country, and he’s visited different Apple schools, shops, and a number of other companies.

Tim Cook shared everything he wrote while in Japan, through Twitter Photographs, which reflect his favorite moments in Asia.

The CEO of Apple wanted to show one of the greatest secrets about your hardware, and he visited the Japanese Japanese multinational Sony in Kumamoto Prefecture.

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Sony made three iphone camera sensors.

According to Tim Cook, Apple has been working with Sony for 10 years, and used the Japanese company to distribute its camera sensors in the iPhone product line.

In the tech industry, many rumors circulated that Apple was using Sony hardware. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2015 that Apple used camera sensors to get its iPhone 6 models up, but not many media picked up the news.

Upon listening to Tim Cooks, the collaboration between Apple and Tom will last a couple of years.

We have partnered with Sony for over a decade to create the best camera sensors for an iPhone.

Tim Cook (@tim_cook) December 13, 2022.

We partnered with Sony over a decade to create the world’s best camera sensors for iPhone.

We see Tim Cook, with a number of Sony employees showing you his rear camera, which is pretty funny anyway.

It seems like it is one of the most successful iPhone secrets, though it may seem like it would seem surprising. An story full of all sorts of leaks that made us aware of almost all aspects of apple smartphones’ hardware and software even before its official presentation.

Sony is considered the leading global manufacturer of camerasensors in the market in 2021. Samsung follows suit with an increase in sharea quantity of ten thousand yen.

The last photograph by Tim Cook from his trip to Japan entwashes us at Konami Studios, one of the most popular videogame developers in the Apple Arcade and the Apple Store.

A great video game limits imagination, innovation and technology.

Tim Cook (@tim_cook) December 13, 2022

As soon as the original iPhone comes out, new secrets will still be revealed about this great little smartphone.