Trademark Crymachina is Filed by FurYu

Developer FuRyu filed a trademark for Crymachina on December 5, 2022, and it was made live today. Given the naming convention, there is likely to be a significant probability that this trademark is related to Crystar, but it’s also speculation from our own hands. Ignore, be careful not to keep you informed about what this trademark stands for.

Thanks to Gematsu for sharing this news.

If you missed the game, it was confirmed that the world’s sales of 140,000. In a celebratory illustration was shared with the director’s message.

It’s an action film featuring actors taking the role of Rei Hatada, who attempts to revive her younger sister, Mirai Hatada. Evidently, she deal with the devil and has to fight the souls of those who have drifted into limbo.

The game revolves around crying, which provides a support to the characters, helps them to clean up the weapons and gain a specific stat boost. A group of aliens is going to appear, but rather a group of aliens will appear in this game, who have dread to be defeated by crying and using their parabbling as weapon, unarmed, and fearful actions. The switch version will include all the DLC originally released.

Crystaris is now available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC viaSteam.

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