TVF gang Trailer Breakdown: Naveen and Gang return to make their Startup Globally

The TVF Pitchers Season Two is a place of eager entrepreneurs that are eager to scale their dreams.

TVF Pitchers has finally returned for Season 2 after a long time waiting for seven years with a new trailer. That two-minute clip for the upcoming season has already struck the right chords with the fans, who can only do the same thing with them, and ignited many entrepreneurial spirit. Morever, the nostalgia-driven manifestation finally became a reality and will bring together Naveen Kasturia, Arunabh Kumar, and Abhay Mahajan for the second time.

Among the complete cast of the new season will be Abhishek Banerjee, Riddhi Dogra, Sikandar Kher, Ashish Vidyarthi, Gopal Datt, Ronjini Chakraborty, Anandeshwar Dwivedi, Saad Bilgrami, Luv Vispute, Jasmeet Bhatia, Durin Das, Vidhushi Kaul, Madan Deodhar, Arihant There are a lot of books about Arunabh Kumar, with his own production of which he and Prashant Kumar, Shubham Sharma and Talha Siddiqui were also on the show.

TVF’s Pitchers Season 2 trailer breakdown.

The film is released by Naveen (Naveen Kasturia), who informs Yogi on the phone to prepare his suits for a witty new pitch, but for a totally unknown reason. The moment of surprise takes time to come as an unexpected surprise and hits us with a wave of nostalgia, followed by a classic name to Mandal and his role in the team.

After the first episode, we look at Naveen and Mandal in their stunning avatars. It justifies their eventual success from the start season. We also know from the future, that team of highly motivated entrepreneurs has not only achieved their grant, but also achieved their dream.

To the contrary, the tone of the trailer suddenly changes, Bhati (Abhishek Banerjee) appears in the trailer, with a slightly improved version of his memorable quote. He reminds Naveen that their initial zeal and passion might have brought them to the party, but to learn the extent of their game, they are going to need something else.

After this comical advice session, Naveen gives an inspirational speech inside his new office, for his company Pragati. During this, he states that the startup needs to go global and not just stay in the subcontinent.

Some still are from TVF Pitchers.

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In the trailer, he was arguing with his friends to fulfill his extraordinary dream and to secure his space in the new-age startup ecosystem. We also get the impression that Yogi is unhappy with a traditional coin toss used by Naveen, so that he cannot make a final decision.

There’s also a hint that Jeetu is no longer with the team, which just puts them very close to their ability. Next up, is the trademark theme, followed by the humourous song “The Pitcher” that is connected to Yogi and Mandal.

Watch the trailer for TVF Pitchers Season 2 below.

You can stream the series on Zee5, starting on the 23rd December 2022.

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