Watch the Lost Sega Motion Simulation Game. Michael Jackson has been found in the UK Car Boot

That Michael Jackson was a lot involved with Sega in the mid-1990s. There is, for example, the clear evidence that he provided the bulk of his audio soundtrack work for Sonic 3. Albeit has never been officially credited since he was dissatisfied with [] the fact that he was indifferent to [] the incident.

It’s well documented that Michael Jackson really connected with Sega in the late 80s and early 90s. There are, for example, the clear evidence that he provided the main source of audio soundtrack work for Sonic 3. Albeit wasn’t officially credited, since since he was dissatisfied with the Megadrive/Genesis sampling quality, according to the story.

One project, it was widely rumoured, exist, but was the Sega motion simulator, in which Michael Jackson played video and voice control screams of sound. We have to say that rumours have always proved true, despite the fact that a physical example of Scramble Training existed, no man ever stepped to the wild due to the allegations made against Michael Jackson on the day of his planned 1993 release. And what he was doing about it, then it was assumed that it was either robbed somewhere or more probably it was destroyed.

The lost footage was actually recovered in a UK car boot, which we are reading on the left-hand side of the market.

Michael Jackson video game was discovered!

The videotape (Japanese) was reportedly purchased earlier this year at a car boot in London, with the seller saying that it came from a post that a deceased uncle whose previously worked in Segas European arcade had lying around. Despite this, the owner presumably had enough time to really run it, while a Japanese VHS player escaped the trap. However, they discovered they had just passed onto an exceptionally rare, and possibly unique game history.

Right now I expect you’d like to see it. I wrote the video to you below.

What do we think about?

If it were not until you thought Michael Jackson’s history and legacy was so bizarre, it turned out to be more bizarre. It was really difficult for me to find out which is crazier, instead of ever filming this or the lost footage coming up at a car boot in England!

Are you going to care for SEGA? Not the moment, probably. While that’s true, I think next time I’m at a local car boot, I’ll be paying a bit more attention to these masses of cassettes piled up for 20 each. What’s the next day? Who was the queen on Mario?

What are you thinking?