When films finally championed Black women in horror in 2022, it was a year when films finally championed black women in the film industry

Horror is a genre that changes and changes, changing with the times. In this year alone, Black women are becoming more or less terrified.

Horror is a genre that always change with the seasons. In 2008, the number of Black women in horror increased. Not just the bizarre situation that Amandla Stenberg was put in by the reviewer of Bodies Bodies (2022), black women got their shine this year. That genre didn’t simply cast Black women characters to their white best friend as a sidekick. Some of them were their respective films shining ring.

Look at Keke Palmers award for the ambitious Nope (2022) awarded to Jordan Peeles.

Variety (@Variety) December 2, 2022.

It’s very exciting seeing Black women represent extremely strongly in the horror range. We got Jasmin Savoy Brown in Scream 5 (22), Keke Palmer in Nope (2022), Amandla Stenberg and Myhala Herrold in Bodies (2022), Aisha Dee in Sissy (2022), Georgina Campbell in Barbarian (2022). If you went back in time ten years ago, practically no one would believe you that Black women are in the most successful hands.

After many years of white women staring at the horror, this time is far from overdue. In a nutshell, most of our favorite girls are white. I won’t shit on anyone’s personal favorite. As for women of the same age this year, Black women have become of this kind of violence. We can’t give only a few crumbs that were supposed to satisfy them.

Film Updates (@FilmUpdates) October 22, 2022

Women in these movies are all characters that are very human. No one is depicted as stereotypically strong, religious and independent after men come. Yes, that is really a Tyler Perry dig. The horror films that championed proper representation (even if the characters aren’t likable every five seconds) were achieved by doing so. Take Sissy (2022) for example. If it had a white woman as the lead, that movie wouldn’t be as impactful.

I’m giving my written thumbs up all of this women and their activities for the genre. If you rent tickets or you can watch most of the films mentioned, and on Sissy’s terms, you can make a reservation.

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