Who is Jon Snow’s Dad? Jons Daddy, Explained

Can anyone give a paternity test to this boy? PLEASE. Have the acrobats yet invented one? Couldn't he get some weird maegi from Asshai to divine who his daddy is?

Many people please test this boy’s condition. Haven’t the maesters already invented one? Couldn’t he get some weird maegi from Asshai to divine who’s daddy is with some blood magic? That can’t be too difficult, can it? Beric Dondarrion literally came back from the dead like 50 times (and, de fact, Jo did it), but they didn’t realise how to keep track of people’s parentage? What’s happening here?

Great. You should be careful to take this article, but without a grain of salt like The Mountain. George R. Martin is still writing the series, and we all know that Game of Thrones season 7 (when Jons parentage was revealed) turned out to be the harbinger of the series’ total shitshow that was season 8. George R.R. Martin might change the books a little, but it’s okay to wash the taste of the final season in the sense of global prosperity. With that in mind, Jons parentalage might be subject to change. Or MAYBE they’ll just be revealed in a more subtle and satisfying manner. But that evil person knows only.

So who do we think Jon Snow’s parents are?

And no matter what, then there were the events of that show into the book that you think was related to? According to A Song of Ice and Fire, Jons daddy is Eddard Stark. If his mother were a good-born mother or a worker, we just didn’t know it. What we know is that, like many bullshits from Ice and Fire, it started with the Targaryens.

The game of basketball was conducted at Harrenhal. Nearly every noble family, hedge knight and a low-born peasant were in attendance. The tour tour was so huge that even King Aerys was there. The Stark family, composed of a young Eddard, his brother Brandon and his sister Lyanna, as well as the kings son, Prince Targaryen, and the Dornish Princess Elia Martell. The day was tragic: Thousands of lances were broken in a thousand tilts, and many noble knights were unhorsed with his dreams of glory all die in the dirt. At the end of the course of the tournament, only one knight got standing: Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. After the tournament, the victor’s choice to honor an entire audience as the Queen of Love and Beauty is tradition. Naturally everyone thought that Rhaegar would win his wife Elia Martell with honor, but instead he rode her and laid out the title to Lyanna Stark. The move shocked the crowd. Eddard Stark remembers it as a moment when all the smiles died.

He turned the lights upside down. Eventually, Prince Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna Stark and stole him. This caused Brandon Stark to head over to Kings Landing to try to punish his son for the injustice. It didn’t get out as planned. Aerys II committed the offense to this command and hired Brandon Stark, his father, and all the men accompanying them put to the swordand when I say put to the sword, I mean in fact, strangled, burned alive and in a few merciful casesbeheaded. From the start of the Revolution, the War of the Usurper was the act of the rebels or the war of the Targaryens, and the he-my life-long friend declared war for the Targaryens, but in response to this outrage, and also declared the war under the name “In the Revolution of the Temptanees”, a ‘Rost of the Pughif’, and for the last two years at this time the Targaryens, as

Eddard Stark received word that his sister was held at the Tower of Joy in Dorne, where she was guarded by three of the finest knights of Kingsguard in historyone of whom was Ser Arthur Dayne, a “Sword of Morning” (ask. “The Great Knight of Western Europe”) and the greatest swordsman in Westeros. Eddard traveled to the Tower of the Joy, with his bannerman Howland Reed and many others. In the aftermath of the defeat only Eddard and Howland survived. Eddard got up and found Lyanna Stark, a woman with fever and a friend of mine. And this is where the situation gets tense. Eddard’s flashbacks to this event evoked during the first book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, where he recalls Lyanna pleading to him and repeating the phrase promises me, promise me. Eddard returns to Winterfell with a bastard boy after the war. The child, named Jon SnowSnow, is the last name of all highborn bastards in the North. Eddards wife Catelyn tried to ask for her from where Jon came from, but when she refused to say that again, Eddard scolded it for never. Even his best friend, Robert Baratheon, couldn’t get Eddard’s secret out of his hat. It doesn’t make any sense. Eddard Stark died in honor of the man. Why would he be willing to let his wife get their vows broken? Why would he father a ball? Why would he be keeping this information confidential? Why, indeed?

Fan theory has time!

There’s one more time it gets more wacky. Daenerys Targaryenlittle sister of Rhaegar (who lost his life to Robert Baratheon in the field)has a vision of her oldest brother chatting to a woman and holding a boy. They name the boy Aegon Targaryen, and told the woman that the child is the prince who was promised and his song is ice and fire. Elia Martell was left infertile after giving birth to her second child; so it is likely that Rhaegar abducted Lyanna as soon as she grew his sons. Often Lyanna and Rhaegar ELOPED and were in love. The Targaryens of old often had more than one wife (someone having a sister or two), so it would be possible that Lyanna and Rhaegar could’ve been married in secret. Because of the fact that highborn children are often often victims of the game of thrones, he can hope that Rhaegar gave birth to Lyanna in the Tower of Joy so that she and his children could be safe.

Because of its last breath, Eddard had hoped to keep his son safe. Eddard would have known the newborn wouldn’t be safe from Robert Baratheons wrath, as Robert had already killed the child’s father, Rhaegar, in the Battle of the Trident. In the meantime the Lannisters murdered Elia Martell and her children, so that they felt allegiance with the Baratheons and to end the real birth of a true-born Taragaryen heirs from growing up in a future rebellion. Eddard decided his best strategy would be to claim that he fathered the boy, as Jon Snows features has a plus-sized nudge from the Stark side of the family. In short, Eddard Stark was SO HONORABLE that he LAID ASIDE HIS OWN HONOR and pretended to have fathered a bastard to PROTECT HIS FAMILY. It would make Jon Snow non-loaner than his son.

Looking for proof? In the first book, a red cometa showing a starappears in the sky foretelling the return of a promised prince. The Prince Promised is a mythological figure that said helped the forces of darkness and fire to defeat the forces of darkness and ice. All in all, in what can be seen in the Song of Ice and Fire, there are mystical forces of Ice and Fire. The Red God of Fire is here lighting fire with swords and bringing back from dead people. I mean that the god of darkness, the Great Other, is reanimating corpses and letting a White Walker to run riot. The Prince Who Was Promised lay claim to the song of ice and fire, and this might mean they are the physical embodiment of that song, magical flesh. Targaryens are a family from the fiery old Valyria, and are scoured with the fire itself. The Starks remained as the Kings of Winter for roughly the same time the Targaryen line existed. In fact, they could be even older. The swoop between a Stark and a Targaryenthe Ice and the Fire will certainly leave a child for which he would be able to claim the song of Ice and Fire. So basically, Jon Snow isn’t Jon Snow at all. Jon Snow is ACTUALLY Aegon Stark-Targaryen, the Prince Who Was Promised and the rightful heir of the Iron Throne (depending upon who you’re asking for).

What a true reality?

HBOs Game of Thrones says it’s. Please remember the last year, the last season was TRASH. It’s likely that George R.R. Martin met the writers and gave them a rough idea of how the story ended, as well as Jon Snow being revealed as The Prince That Was Promised. It is not fair to hear it in the show but it’s very important. The novel series has a poem that is both epic and epic. In fact, the story of Beowulf was a whimper of sung for a long time ago by bards in the Norse mead hall. George R. R. Martin’s heart is a poet, and that series is going to end in a poetic way. However, George R. Martin is really great at avoiding our expectations (e.g. Red Wedding), and Jon really might be a huge red herring. It’ll never stop Martin from finishing the books if he has ever been around to it.

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