Who’s Metal Lee? Those are all theories

The father mystery of Metal Lee has fascinated Boruto fans for a long time. The first generation's protagonists have unique family trees. Knowing both parents' names makes a lot easier to understand where their traits originate from. Metal Who's Metal-led mother? All Theo, The Olympus.

For a long time, the parental mystery about Metal Lee perplexed Boruto fans. Everyone else in the new generation has family trees. Knowing both parents’ names makes it simpler to understand the origins of a character. Metal Lee’s father, Rock Lee, is his own famous father. The fandom can’t find his mother completely unaware. Discovering Metals parents would reveal more information about each other and the rock state. Why would Rock Lee have a baby with such a woman and how would their relationship be?

A widespread theory assumes that the woman who married Rock Lee and is the mother of Metal Lee is actually Tenten. We never know what she’s like to interact with her own son, but many things lead fans to believe that Tenten is truly an old-fashioned woman.

Let’s get on a look at the theories about his mother and decide whether Tenten is actually married to Rock Lee or not.

How About Metal Licens Theory Mothers Lees How Were You?”

Metal Lees character always asked the question of who his mother would be and whether he even had a mother. She never appeared in the movie, but it was mentioned that she never appeared or was in it. There were a lot of speculations and theories around the fan groups. Metal and his teammate’s son were found to be the son of Tenten Lee’s friend, to the boy’s father having been born or, sadly, the son of Orochimaru’s mother.

He might explain why there’s so much nervousness in Metals in his mother’s mind. Rock Lee always has been a self-assured person who isn’t afraid to put on a show with his partners and admirers, but his kid is exactly the opposite. Metal is incredibly self-conscious and becomes terrified when he finds out that others are staring at him. He could have observed that his mother did it or pick it up from her.

The fan speculation that Rock Lee merely adopted Metal and his birth parents are unknown is very likely. Rock Lee could serve metal in the same way that Might Guy served him. While its appearance was striking, Guy and Rock Lee weren’t related. This also helped motivate Rock Lee and teach his combat techniques. In the following generation, several children, too, were adopted; Gaara brought Shinki in, and was educated as his heir. Rock Lee and Metal might be in the same situation.

Can Rock Lee Open the whole Eight Gate in Boruto? (Are you given an explanation?

Is Tenten Metal a Mother?

The fanbase has made an interesting choice when it comes to Metals linage. However some of these are more plausible than others, it is worth considering each other. Tenten is a Mother of Metals. It’s most often accepted as the mother of Tenten. Tenten was the only female in the Rock Lees former team. Thus, it is possible that romance existed between them. It isn’t too far-fetched. Why shouldn’t Rock Lee marry him and have a child with his old squadmate if Sasuke did? Alternatively, it is worthwhile to use the passage of one of Boruto’s openings as proof. In the background of the situation, the new generation parents all started, and Tenten is standing next to Rock Lee.

The theory is that Tenten and Metal have never been seen interacting before in the series. If Tenten is a true man, it would be odd that, despite the fact that she is still in the town, there has never been a scene of her teaching Metal or even just speaking to him. Tenten is impossible to be seen as a single mother of Metals if she isn’t really a single parent.

No matter what metals’s mother’s real identity is, or whether or not Rock Lee is his real dad, this is the very same, intimate connection between them and the two. Rock Lee is the opinion that anyone can become a skilled ninja regardless of their situation of birth or family background. Now, thanks to Metal Lee, that idea becomes a reality. Rock Lees lectures and his persistent effort help Metal overcome anxiety and become a ninja.